Volta NDC condemns release of hoodlums arrested with weapons in Amewu’s branded vehicle

Ceased vehicle and Hon. John Peter Amewu

Ceased vehicle and Hon. John Peter Amewu

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The National Democratic Congress (NDC) party in the Volta Region has strongly denounces and condemns the recent unjust and questionable release of some arrested alleged criminal elements associated with the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP).

The release dated 14th June 2023 and signed by Sorkpa K. Agbleze, NDC Volta Regional Communications Officer stated that the earlier release by the NPP was laced with “blatant display of the current government’s insatiable penchant for favoritism, abuse of power and open manipulation of independent state institutions.”

He added that “This alarming incident further exposes the widely expressed deteriorating state of law and order under the current regime.”


NDC Volta Regional Communications Officer in their release briefed that
“On Sunday, June 4, 2023, some hoodlums who went to Kpando in a vehicle branded in Hon. Peter Amewu’s portrait and NPP colours to support a team during a gala football match, ended up stabbing one Buhari Mohammad a gate fee collector and later displaying sophisticated weapons. They were arrested by the Ghana Police, taken to the Kpando Police Station and only to hear later that they were transferred to the Hohoe Police Station.”

The Volta Regional Office of the NDC added that “As we speak, we are reliably informed that the two key suspects by names Kofi Godsway and Selorm Buta alias Dangote are walking as free men on the streets of Hohoe after a shabby court ruling for them to be released upon the payment of laughable fines of Ghc 250 and Ghc 300 respectively.”

“We anticipated this bizarre handling and outcome of the case, the reason we, in our earlier release, called on the Ghana Police to exhibit professionalism and not allow themselves to be manipulated by the NPP.”

The office of the NDC Volta Regional (Communications Officer) asked for clarifications in a list of posed questions.

“The freeing of Selorm Buta and Kofi Godsway raises a lot of questions that seriously begs for answers:

“1. What necessitated the movement of Peter Amewu’s branded pick-up vehicle without number plates from Hohoe to Kpando for just a football match?

“2. What really accounted for the immediate release of the Peter Amewu branded vehicle arrested with sophisticated weapons in Kpando when the police in Hohoe took over the case?

“3. If two individuals were identified as the owners of two among the guns found by the Police, what are the identities of these owners, and why were these weapons found on Selorm Buta and Kofi Godsway?

“4. If crime is jurisdictional and there is a circuit court in Kpando, why were the two suspects sent to another circuit court in Hohoe for trial?

“5. Under what law were the two suspects charged? Was it Act 29 or NRCD?

“The principle of justice and equality before the law is a cornerstone of any democratic society. It is deeply disconcerting to witness NPP officials exploiting their positions to protect and free criminals who should be held accountable for their actions. This action undermines public trust in the judicial system and erodes the foundations of our democracy.

“It is the duty of the ruling party to uphold the law impartially, without any bias or favoritism. The release of these criminals associated with the NPP and the MP for Hohoe raises serious concerns about the integrity and independence of the justice system. It sends a dangerous message that influential individuals can escape punishment, fostering a culture of impunity.”

The party, NDC has called for a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding these releases. Transparency and accountability are essential to restoring public faith in the fairness and integrity of our legal institutions.

“We demand that the government and the police in Hohoe provides a comprehensive explanation and justify their actions in light of the overwhelming evidence against the released individuals currently gallivanting in Hohoe,” the NDC party demands.

They encouraged all citizens saying “we urge the citizens of our great nation, especially in the Volta Region, to remain vigilant and vocal in the face of such injustices. We must stand together to protect the fundamental principles of justice and equality for all.”

The NDC remains committed to upholding the rule of law and ensuring that justice prevails.

We in the NDC are more than determined to reclaim the Hohoe Seat come 2024. Having learnt lessons in the way and manner the Police and the Court have handled this case, we would advice ourselves accordingly as we approach the 2024 General Elections.

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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