Voter’s registration exercise may surge Covid-19 case count; 221 health workers pen emotional letter to EC to pause mass registration exercise

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On June 24, 2020, a group of medical experts among other individuals and institutions wrote an open letter to Electoral Commission of Ghana to suspend its plans to compile an entirely new voter’s register for the December 2020 polls in the  midst of the dreaded novel Coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier, a group of Ghanaian University Lecturers also wrote an open letter to Mrs. Jean Mensa of the Electoral Commission to halt the compilation of the new voter’s register at the time Ghana’s Coronavirus pandemic keeps on surging.

The above calls among many, according to the authors did not yield any positive results as expected. But, health professional as they are, who best understand the health situations and implications the Coronavirus may bring to Ghana never let their tools down.

In recent times, about two hundred and twenty-one (221) health workers pen emotional letter to the Electoral Commission of Ghana under the supervision of Mrs. Jean Mensa to pause the ongoing  mass registration exercise.

According to the health professionals, the Electoral Commission failed to enforce safety protocols outlined by the Ghana Health Service and World Health Organization (WHO) to fight the Coronavirus. The team indicated that, upon observing how Ghanaians in some EC’s registration centres violated the Coronavirus safety protocols, they fear Ghana’s positive cases may surge unexpectedly with increasing rate of deaths.

The country’s health workers are calling on the Electoral Commission to immediately halt the registrations exercise until they find a proper way which will compel applicants to comply with the Coronavirus protocols.

As at Saturday, 5th July, 2020, the Ghana Health Service data shows that, the country has recorded a total of 20, 085 confirmed cases, 14, 870 total recoveries leaving a total of 5,093 active cases. The data also indicates that, a total of 122 deaths have been recorded.

The Ghanaian heath workers are very worried over the Electoral Commission’s exercise in the midst of the pandemic while Ghana’s case count keeps on surging abnormally. They fear the exercise may increase the country’s morbidity and mortality rate. Read below the full health workers full open letter to the Electoral Commission.

Health workers open letter to the Electoral Commission of Ghana


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