Watch Videos: Guineans jubilate over President Alpha Condé’s arrest

The people of Guinea have hit the street to celebrate in grand style following the arrest of their President Professor Alpha Condé by mutineers.

In viral videos intercepted by, a section of the Guineans were seen in a video jubilating over a successful coup d’etat carried out by Guinea soilders led by Colonel Mamadi Doumbouya.

In the video, the Guineans were celebrating the coup d’etat of President Alpha Condé because, they felt to have been redeemed from captivity, rampant corruption, mismanagement and the hardship seen in the country.


Guinea’s President Alpha Condé arrested by mutineers who staged a Coup d’état (+Video & Photos)

They are happy because the coup plotters have dissolved the current constitution and the national assembly remains maintained.

Colonel Mamadi Doumbouya, after the coup has reassured the people that, the regional governors are replaced by the zone commanders. The prefects and sub-prefects also by the commanders of units of the largest locality. While, the outgoing ministers and the former presidents of the institutions are invited to a meeting tomorrow (Monday 06 September) at 11 am at the people’s palace. Any refusal to stand will be considered a rebellion against the CNRD.


The above are said to have triggered the joy and celebration of the Guineans as they took to the street to jubilate in grand styles.

Release Guinea President, Alpha Condé Now; Akufo-Addo fumes at mutineers

On Sunday, 5th September, 2021, Colonel Mamady Doumbouya led a team of soilders/Mutineers to overthrown their President in a staged Coup d’état in Guinea Conakry.

Colonel Mamady Doumbouya, a former legionary of the French army who was recalled to Guinea to  head the GPS created in 2018 and his men carried the act.

Videos: Colonel Mamadi Doumbouya speaks after Guinea President’s Coup d’etat




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