What are sanctions in war: What sanctions are imposed on Russia?


What are sanctions in war: What sanctions are imposed on Russia?

What are sanctions?

According to the world’s number one online encyclopedia Wikipedia, sanctions are defined as “Economic sanctions are commercial and financial penalties applied by one or more countries against a targeted self-governing state, group, or individual. Economic sanctions are not necessarily imposed because of economic circumstances – they may also be imposed for a variety of political, military, and social issues.”

What are sanctions in war?

Sanctions in war – they are decisions taken by leaders of countries, regional organizations, multilateral organizations in other to protect, defends against international laws, threats to international Peace including the protection of the national interests as well. The sanctions are extended to cover areas of sporting activities, travels and what will prevent the country in question to cease the attacks completely.

What sanctions are imposed on Russia?/ What are the sanctions and why are they imposed?/List of sanctions imposed on Russia


In the news, France sanctioned Russia in the areas of travel and finance.

From the meeting of the defense council organized by Macron Emmanuel, the gentlemen, President of France, it was said by their Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire that:

“We are pursuing the complete census of financial assets, real estate, yachts and luxury vehicles that would belong to Russian personalities under European sanctions”


With the United States of America, they imposed soms heavy sanctions on Russia ranging from some finance ( public sectors), cutting them off the technological world because, it fuels their attacking machines. Also, the States won’t hesitate to imposed sanctions on some wealthy class of persons that assists their country Russia through their businesses located in the States as well.


Russia trades technological equipments that helps in the defend of country therefore, they (UK ) will impose a sanction in such areas but it will be limited to only aerospace, electronics and telecommunications zones.

European Union

The European Union sanctioned the financial reserves of Russia in addition to taking them of from the international messaging system that updates customer’s financial transactions globally.


Switzerland also vowed to freeze the financial activities of some state or top government officials without excluding the President of Russia.

The world knows that Taiwan is the hub for semiconductors but they didn’t state the details of what sanctions will be lauded on Russian but they hope that upon issuing their, it will deter Russia from launching the attack from the military perspective.

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