What is Supine Position?


Supine position simply means a person lying horizontally on the back with the face looking at the ceiling.

This position is mostly used in hospitals by doctors and nurses when attending to patients. Doctors always prefer their patients to be in a supine position during surgical operations and some attendances.


The supine position is also used in some practices like Pilates and Yoga. These practices use the supine position to align the body, relax, and de-stress.

Again, the supine position can be used when sleeping even though it has its downside if not used correctly.

Moreover, some authors, Doctors, and experts have shared some downsides of the supine position. From some authors, the supine position causes most people to snore when sleeping. Again, some doctors advise pregnant women to stay away from the supine position when sleeping. The inferior vena cava gets compressed during the third (3rd) trimester of pregnancy and this can result in stillbirth.

Also, during sleeping, a person’s breath seizes for about ten (10) seconds. This happens not less than five (5) times within an hour. Hence, doctors have recommended people who sleep in the supine position to use a pillow when sleeping.


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