Who Is Bhadie Kelly?: Meet The Tik Tok Star Currently Trending

    Who Is Bhadie Kelly?: Meet The Tik Tok Star Currently Trending
    Bhadie Kelly


    Who Is Bhadie Kelly?   You should be asking why a lady identified as Bhadie Kelly is currently trending on social media most, importantly, Tik Tok and Twitter.

    The young beautiful lady has hijacked Twitter and Tik Tok since yesterday.


    Well, if that is what you are looking for, we got detailed Juice for you about the newest Tik Tok
    sensation on social media. We are talking about Bhadie Kelly.

    Who Is Bhadie Kelly?

    Bhadie Kelly is a social media user, a young lady, from Togo who is currently trending for the kind of video she does on social media.

    Her age is currently unknown and much cannot be told about her family and background as we are not able to find more information about her, but we hope to do so soon.

    However, little juice available indicates Bhadie Kelly is originally from Togo so, she is a Togolese.

    Why Is Bhadie Kelly Trending?

    The Young lady is believed to be in her early 20s, and gained attention and traction after her videos wearing brown fitting apparel went viral.

    In the clips, Kelly is seen shaking herself and dancing gorgeously grabbing all the attention.

    One thing that caught attention was her background and room packed with full nike sneakers.

    From Tik Tok, male users have supposedly shown interest in her videos and admire the beauty and the dance moves displayed.

    However, there is a supposed hatred for her from the female Tik Tokers who have decided to challenge her, but Kelly keeps emerging as the favorite.

    Bhadie Kelly On Social Media?

    Kelly’s official handle on Tik Tok is Bhadie.Kellyy. She is on Instagram as well but not all that active on the platform.On Instagram, she is called Slay kelly.

    Bhadie Kelly PHOTOS AND VIDEOS



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