Who is Clarence Seedorf: Clarence Seedorf net worth, wife and age

Clarence Clyde Seedorf
Clarence Clyde Seedorf

Who is Clarence Seedorf: Clarence Seedorf net worth, wife, age, languages and religion changes.

Clarence Clyde Seedorf is a former professional footballer and manager. Paramaribo, Suriname is a Dutch by birth. According to League history (UEFA Champions), the former Ajax player in 1995 is a prosperous players.

How old is Clarence Seedorf?

Clarence Clyde Seedorf was born on 1st April, 1976 will be 46 year old in April this year.


How tall is Clarence Seedorf

Clarence Seedorf height is 1.77m which is equivalent to 5 ft 9 in.

Clarence Seedorf net worth

From sources, Clarence is estimated to have a net of $56.2Million solely from his football career.

What language can Clarence Seedorf speaks?

Clarence Seedorf is blessed with an inmate language ability. He can speak about six (6) different languages; Dutch, Spanish, English, Italian, Sranan Tongo and Portuguese.

What is Clarence Seedorf’s hobby

Even though  Clarence Seedorf Clyde is a footballer, he loves playing tennis as his hobby.

Who is Clarence Seedorf’s wife?

The wife of Clarence Seedorf is a Brazilian woman called Luviana Seedorf. She’s a mother of Clarence’s four (4) children.


Who is Sophia Makramati?

Sophia Makramati was a girlfriend to Clarence Seedorf’s. Information available has confirmed that, they are now happily married.

 Sophia Makramati and Clarence Seedorf
Sophia Makramati and Clarence Seedorf

Sophia Makramati Religion Update

Sophia Makramati is a well-known Canadian Business woman and Entrepreneur who has a mighty faith in Islam religion.

BELOW: An Instagram post as a prove for their union.


Is Sophia Makramati Married?

The date of the wedding wasn’t published but, news from the media and websites indicates that, Sophia Makramati is happily married to the former Ajax midfielder, Clarence.

Sophia Makramati net worth

‘Sophia’ as nicknamed, is estimated to have a net worth approximately $2 Million as an Ambassador, Entrepreneur, and a Businesswoman

What is Sophia Makramati hobby

From out checks, much information is not available about Sophia’s hobby on the internet.

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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