Your claims are inaccurate; Our legacy arrears aren’t paid – Association of Aggrieved Teachers to GES

Professor Kwasi Opoku-Amankwa

Professor Kwasi Opoku-Amankwa

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A group of teachers calling itself Association of Aggrieved Teachers are disappointed in the Director General of the Ghana Education Service (GES) Professor Kwasi Opoku-Amankwa on his claim to have paid all legacy arrears of teachers employed between 2012 and 2016 year batches.

In a joint statement issued by Association and signed by Nana Opoku Foster – National President, Effah Kweku Tabiri F – National PRO, Abraham Acheampong – National Organizer and Stephen Ankamah – National Secretary said, the claim of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government through the Ghana Education Service is false. The group also expresses disappointment in the Service for claiming to have settled all legacy arrears of the affected teachers.

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The Association further said, the current bank statement shows that, no such monies have been paid as claimed by the Director General of the Ghana Education Service in a press statement issued.

Have a read of the full statement issued by the affected teachers copied to the front deck of

The Director General of GES claims are inaccurate; We are disappointed in GES for claiming to have paid all legacy arrears

We have read with shock and disbelief, a statement issued on the 2nd of September, 2020 by the Director General of the Ghana Education Service ( Prof Kwasi Opoku-Amankwa) claiming to have paid our salary arrears.

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We are not so much surprised for a government appointee to  demonstrate this absolute sign of unflicting support for the government.

But we as affected teachers want to state categorically clear that the statements published by the Ghana Education Service are blatantly misleading and the public should disregard it with the contempt it deserves.

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As we speak, this issue of salary arrears which dates back to 2013 has created so much discomfort for us as affected teachers. And we want to make it emphatically clear that we are not happy with the way government is handling it.

We are so much disappointed in our employer, the Ghana Education Service (GES) for making such false claims. The cheating, lies and frustration surrounding the payment of this money has become too much. We are by this press release sounding a strong word of caution to the GES that they should not be under the orders of their political masters by whose Command we believe they are acting else the end results will be unpleasant for both of them, GES and the  government.

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The only thing that can be used as evidence of payment of salary arrears is the bank account and not data from Audit service or Controller And Accountant’s General or even Ghana Education Service. Our bank accounts indicates that the arrears have not been paid.

we can authoritatively state that, aside the fact that some people from 2013, 2014, and 2016 have received some of the salary arrears, “not even a single person from the 2015 year group has received the arrears and we have documents to prove this claim.”

We are therefore calling on the National Peace Council, National House of Chiefs, Catholics Bishops Conference, Opposition political parties, Conference of Pentecostal and Charismatic Churches, and other Civil Society Organizations to intervene on our behalf.

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Until then, we are still going by the September 2020 ultimatum, how government is going to team up with the responsible offices to ensure the payment reaches our accounts by the end of the month is our back case.

The media and the public should once again disregard the claims by the Ghana Education Service since there is no iota of truth in their claims.




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