Your claims were offensive and divisive. Patience Nyarko hits back at Abeiku Santaana

The well known gospel musician Patience Nyarko is not ready to end the “beef” she started with her colleague Joe Metle. Some few weeks ago, patience Nyarko commented “Joe Mettle ‘steals’ songs from Pentecost, Methodist and other churches”.

The gospel musician is ready to ‘give’ it to anyone who does not speak in her favour. Early on, Patience Nyarko in an open letter sighted by, has described Abeiku Santaana of Okay FM as unprofessional. She added, the presenter’s words were not accurate, fair, objective and ethical.

She stated categorically that, the presenter’s claims are geared towards causing division among herself and Joe Mettle instead of clarifying issues to the general public. Patience Nyarko in her own thoughts thinks Abeiku Santaana was in support of Joe Mettle.


According to her, whilst stakeholders in the music industry are trying to settle issues, Abeiku Santaana in his own capacity is worsening the case.

With intervention of others, she decided to close that chapter of the case and also forgiven the presenter for discrediting her and her brand due to the respect she has for him.

Below is a copy of the letter.


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