10 home security tips you must know to protect yourself

Filed photo of a house
Filed photo of a house

1. Fortify your home with quality locks to prevent/delay intruders into your homes.

2. Stop leaving keys under doormats and flower pots in your absence.

3. Change locks when you lose your keys or more into a new house.

4. Fix burglar proofs behind all sliding doors and windows, even on top of floors.

5. Fortify kitchen doors and windows properly.

6. Illuminate your house and surroundings with enough lightening systems.


7. Draw curtains down at night and in your absence.

8. Cut down shrubs, overgrown trees and flowers.

9. Fix home intruder alarm systems to ward off burglars.

10. Keep and maintain a dog, it’s much cheaper.

Remember! you are your own best Police

Contact any of these numbers: 191, 18555, 999, 0202712188

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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