10 top African countries with highest pay for teachers

A teacher teaching students
A teacher teaching students

Most teachers in Africa complain bitterly of the low salary they are being paid monthly for teaching job. According to teachers, it appears that, some politicians in government are using them to enrich themselves at the espenses of the poor teacher.

In the contrary, while teachers from low income Countries in Africa are worried about their monthly salary, other teachers in Africa are rejoicing for the colossal amount of money being paid as monthly salaries.

In the article below, we have put out the 10 top Africa counties that are paying teachers the highest salary as of 2022.


Below is a list of some 10 African countries with high salary for teachers.

1. South Africa: Teachers in South Africa receive around 10,560 Rands as monthly salary and 126, 720 Rands annually. This can be converted in Ghana cedis as GH¢ 6,015 per month.

2. Algeria: A person teaching in Algeria professionally earns about 190,000 DZD every month. The range of salary for teachers in Algeria is between 91,300 (least) to 347,000 (highest) per month. This translates to Gh¢ 12,684 when converted to the Ghanaian Cedi.

3. Morocco: A professional teacher working in Morocco earns 20,600 MAD at the end of the month. This amount translates to GH¢ 18,740 when quoted in Ghana Cedis.


4. Egypt: In Egypt, professional teachers receive a salary of 9,760 EGP monthly. This amount is equivalent to 4,838 Ghana cedis when converted.

5. Equatorial Guinea: A person who works as a professional teacher in Equatorial Guinea typically receives 344,000 XAF a month. The equivalent for this amount in Ghana cedis is GH¢ 5,056.

6. Kenya: Teachers in Kenya receives an average salary of KSh 496991 monthly. This translates to GH¢ 39, 407.22 when converted into Ghana cedis. This includes all benefits such as rent and feeding allowances.

7. Burkina Faso: Professional teachers in Burkina Faso earn a monthly salary of 351,000 XOF. This amount is equivalent to GH¢5,158.70 when converted to the Ghana Cedis.

8. Cote D’Ivoire: A person working in Cote D’Ivoire is likely to earn 358,000 XOF per month. When converted to Ghana cedis, the equivalent for this amount is GH¢ 5,261.

9. Dr Congo: In the Democratic Republic of Congo, professional teachers earn a base salary of 503,000 CDF per month. This amount is equivalent to GH¢ 2,384.85 when converted.

10. The Gambia: A professional school teacher in The Gambia receives around 13,000 GMD every month. This is equivalent to GH¢2,272.30 in the Ghanaian cedi.

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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