12 simple reasons candidates fail BECE – Hot tips for BECE candidates

BECE Candidates/Students
BECE Candidates/Students

An examiner and a Ghanaian Language Tutor Mr. Tikya Eric Wireko has unveiled some twelve (12) simple reasons candidates fail in the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) annually.

According to him, most BECE candidates adopt wrong practices before, during and after each papers leading to their failure in the Examination.

He has taken the opportunity to outlined certain examination tips as a guide to assist reduce the mass failure in Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE).

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Below are some tips for BECE candidates;

1. Copying down of whole passages as answers to questions especially the comprehension (Ghanaian Language and English Language).

2. Some scripts were incomprehensible (meaningless) or could not be read at all.

3. Presenting more than one alternative answer to one question, one of which is either correct or wrong.

4. Jumping pages of the answer booklet in presenting answers to one particular question.

5. Poor spelling, Poor handwriting, Faulty Paragraphing, and Misuse of punctuation marks.

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6. Non – adherence to rubrics (not following the requirements of the question).

7. Some candidates deviated in answering Questions.

8. Wholesale lifting of sentences from the passage and this resulted in vague answers.

9. Candidates don’t know how to answer composition and comprehension questions.

10. Candidates do not understand the rubrics to questions and the question as a whole.

11. Candidates need to read a lot of literature in the language to help them enrich their vocabulary and expression.

12. The answers to some of the questions were wrongly numbered by some of the candidates.

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If you are still not learning then please start now.


1. Start revising your notes.
2. Discuss questions with friends.
3. Consult your teacher when you find something difficult to understand.
4. Draw a simple but achievable action plan.
5. Practice everyday in these last days.
6. Give much attention to difficult subject (s).


Examining yourself before the exams is a good approach towards success in the examination. Examine yourself. Look at your strength and weaknesses.  Work on your weaknesses.

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1. Start learning past questions.
2. Make your own notes whiles the teacher is teaching.
3. Summarizes the teacher’s notes in your book.
4. Use pneumonics or abbreviations.
5. Form study groups.
6. Teach other students or classmates
7. Ask questions in class.
8. Ask questions when reading a text or passage.
9. Draw a workable personal time table.


Omit Useless Words in Sentences.

Useless Words are words in sentences which has no use. These words when omitted from a sentence does not change the sentence.


Omit the Useless Words in the following sentences.

1. We are still deriving pleasure and enjoyment from Shakespeare’s play.

2. Mr. Amadu’s traits of character are like those of many men in our day and age.

3. Each and every pupil in this class knows that what I say is true.

When you are answering examination question,  remember the Examiner is not your teacher. This means your writing should be legible.

You should also write concise but meaningful sentences.  Don’t leave space and hope the Examiner will continue for you.

“70% of the E-blocks are now useless in the short to medium term” – Kofi Asare


Many candidates often present two answers for one question especially when they are not sure which of them is right. This is not advisable and Candidates should desist from them. Where a candidate gives two answers to a question and one Of  them is wrong, he or she scores ZERO.


1. Don’t talk with a colleague.

2. Read the questions to understand before answering.

3. You can skip questions but don’t skip papers.

4. Do not leave a space with the hope that you will get the answer later.

5. Label all answers correctly.

6. Do not answer two questions on the same page.

7. Cross out clearly answers you think it is an error or mistake.

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