2021 Census is unique; take your training serious for a comprehensive data collection – Avemegah urges field officers

Mr. Gilbert Enyonam Avemegah
Mr. Gilbert Enyonam Avemegah

The South Tongu District Coordinating Director (DCD) Mr. Gilbert Enyonam Avemegah has urged prospective field officers to take their training workshop very serious to enable them have a comprehensive data collection during the 2021 Population and Housing Census (PHC).

Speaking at the launch of the training workshop as the Chairman of the South Tongu District Census Implementation Committee (DCIC) at the Sogakope Senior High School Assembly Hall, Gilbert Enyonam Avemegah said, this year’s Census is unique and different from all censuses that Ghana has ever undertaken in several aspects of the exercise and even by the reports that will emanate from this national exercise; It will be the first fully digital Census to be conducted in Ghana.

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According to him, that is why the role as enumerators and supervisors among others is very important hence the need for this training programme to prepare propective enumerators and supervisors adequately in order to collect complete and accurate information on the field at their Enumeration Areas.

Speaking further, he said, Ghana as a country has been fairly consistent in conducting census every 10 years since 1960 to count and understand its population size, structure and dynamics. As you are aware, population and housing census provide data on sex, age, births and deaths, migration, what we do for a living, where we live, the quality of our housing, and access to public services, health and education. The creation of districts, constituencies and regions by successive governments is based mainly on census data.

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He added that, it is therefore worth noting that the 2021 Census will provide updated information on the population to help track progress made with regards to international, national, regional, and global development goals.

But for the COVID-19 pandemic which afflicted the global community last year, we would have conducted the Census in March 2020. This would have been exactly 10 years since the previous one in 2010 as recommended by the United Nations. As a country, we are now all set to continue the national tradition of conducting successful census with minimal interruptions.

“In view of this, Census officials including you have been competitively recruited to undergo a comprehensive and skilful training to prepare you for the exercise. As we gathered here to begin the training exercise, I wish to remind you all that it is a privilege and by God’s grace that you were successful at the interview. I therefore wish to advise you to take this training programme seriously with total commitment, dedication and hard work to serve and die a little for mother Ghana. If your only reason to be here is to make money, then this is not the right place for you.  Even though you will be paid at the end of the exercise, that should not be the only reason for participating in this all important exercise. A lot is required from you especially making sure that all people and structures under your enumeration areas are fully covered with high standard and quality work. In addition, you must be punctual, regular and above all attentive. We are not here to joke at all. There will be no room for laziness, apathy and procrastination. The census exercise is a full time job and cannot be combined effectively with any o ther equally demanding job. This is not to put fear in you but to energize, remind and prepare you for the nature and purpose of the tasks ahead of you.” He explained.


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The District Coordinating Director reiterated that, field data collection will commence with the listing of all structures from 13th June 2021. The Census Night is set for 27th June, 2021. Persons on transit and in short stay institutions such as hotels, guest houses and hospital in-patients will all be counted on the Census Night. However, the enumeration of all persons in residential household facilities as well as institutions and all other persons, will be enumerated from 28th June to 11th July 2021.

“Ladies and gentlemen, It is very important for everyone to remember the Census Night because it is the reference point for the Census. The Census will provide us with adequate data to help us measure, monitor and estimate the extent to which we have made progress on our national development agenda. Indeed, the data collected will guide us to measure the socio-economic status of our people. That is why your role as enumerator is very important hence the need for this training programme to prepare you adequately in order to collect complete and accurate information” He said.

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“This year’s Census is unique and different from all censuses that Ghana has ever undertaken in several aspects of the exercise and even by the reports that will emanate from this national exercise; It will be the first fully digital Census to be conducted in Ghana. Information and communication Technology facilities such as tablets and internet to capture and transfer data will be used throughout the exercise. The exercise will also use online dashboards and comprehensive data quality assurance procedures, which will guarantee complete and accurate data to ensure that we Leave No One Behind in sharing national resources.” Gilbert Enyonam Avemegah elaborated.

Mr. Avemegah has informed the prospective field officers that, the data that will be collected during the Census is strictly confidential. For this reason they will take the “Oath of Secrecy” under the Statistical Service Act 2019 (Act 1003) to bind them for their engagement through the exercise.

Reemphasizing on the importance of the Census, he said, the 2021 PHC will address the development and growth of our country. According to him, the Census is a very important national exercise and is done only once every decade, hence the need for us to support it fully to be successful.

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Gilbert Enyonam Avemegah said, it gives him a great pleasure and honour to join the prospective field officers as the training of enumerators and supervisors for Ghana’s 2021 Population and Housing Census begin across the Country.

“On behalf of the good people of South Tongu District and the honourable District Chief Executive, I wish to warmly welcome you to this very important training programme. I also wish to express my sincere gratitude to the headmaster and teachers of SOGASCO for giving us the venue for the training. South Tongu District is grateful for your support With these few remarks and the power vested in me as the chairman of the South Tongu District Census Implementation Committee, I declare the training programme for the 2021 Ghana Population and Housing Census at SOGASCO officially opened. May the good Lord guide and bless us all. YOU COUNT, GET COUNTED.” He acknowledged.


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