2021 PHC: Important directive for all Enumerators and Supervisors

2021 Population and Housing Census - GSS

The Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) has given an urgent directive to field officers thus; Enumerators and Supervisors selected for the 2021 Population and Housing Census which is expected to commence today, 13th June, 2021.

According to the notice intercepted by Coverghana.com.gh, the field officers are asked to take note of the activities that will be carried out on the first day of their engagement, which marks the start of the listing exercise.

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GSS said, on Sunday, 13th June, 2021, all Field Officers should focus on raising awareness of the start of the Census activities in their enumeration and supervisory areas.

The following are the instructions and activities expected to be conducted in your respective enumeration and supervisory areas:

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1. Wear your reflective jacket throughout the day.

2. Contact opinion leaders, traditional leaders, and community information centres within your community to publicize the Census (community entry).

3. Where applicable, speak with leaders of your various religious  congregations to announce the census exercise.

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4. Canvass your enumeration area.

5. Strategically paste the posters on selected structures (adhere to the household entry guidelines).

6. Distribute the stickers to households (adhere to the household entry guidelines).

7. Do not chalk or list on that day.  We repeat that there should be no chalking and no listing on Sunday. This day is set aside for canvassing and publicity.

The management of the Ghana Statistical Service humbly request that all Field Officers support the publicity campaign to the fullest because publicity will raise awareness of the census, build public trust, and dispel misconceptions so as to make their work as Field Officers easy.

The District Data Quality Management Team (DDQMT) will be available to support publicity and monitor the extent to which Enumerators and Supervisors have been able to boost publicity in their respective Enumeration and Supervisory Area.

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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