60 Ghanaian students awarded with European Union Scholarship

EU Ambassador It had Razaaly (middle) with beneficiaries.

Sixty bright minds from Ghana have been chosen for the esteemed European Union (EU) Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s Degree (EMJMD) program.

This opportunity allows these students to pursue higher education at prestigious universities in Europe. This year has seen the highest number of beneficiaries since the program’s inception. Compared to the 45 participants last year, this is a noteworthy increase.

The EMJMD, a part of the broader Erasmus+ initiative, is designed to promote global mobility and enhance Africa’s technical and higher education landscape.

It opens doors to diversified career prospects, top-notch knowledge acquisition, and a broader international outlook.

During a pre-departure event held in Accra, the EU Ambassador to Ghana, Irchad Razaaly, emphasized the EU’s role as a crucial education partner for Ghana. He highlighted how the Erasmus+ program grants Ghanaian youth a distinct opportunity to attain high-quality academic exposure.

The ambassador underscored the EU’s resolute commitment to nurturing leadership, fostering global networks, and cultivating a more inclusive world through initiatives such as Erasmus+.

He expressed optimism that the scholarship would significantly shape the beneficiaries’ skills and personalities. He added that it will equip them for dynamic and competitive careers.

Education’s Vital Role in Ghana’s Progress

Maamle Andrews, the Chief Director of Ghana’s Ministry of Education, emphasized the nation’s recognition of education’s pivotal role in driving sustainable development.

As a developing country, Ghana views investments in its citizens’ education, particularly its youth, as crucial for boosting the human capital index and propelling national aspirations.

Guidance and Expectations for the Awardees

Recipients of the EMJMD scholarship received valuable advice from Andrews. She encouraged them to act as ambassadors of Ghana, representing the country’s values on the global platform.

She urged students to immerse themselves in the academic, cultural, and social experiences offered by their host institutions.

Andrews emphasized the lifelong nature of education, highlighting that the knowledge and skills gained during this program would be invaluable throughout their lives.

In response, the beneficiaries expressed their gratitude for the scholarship opportunity. They also assured their best efforts at their respective universities.

They are eager to acquire new perspectives, innovative ideas, and the determination to contribute to Ghana’s growth and development upon their return.

A Bright Future Ahead

These students on this journey represent themselves and also symbolize Ghana’s commitment to investing in education for a brighter future.

The EU’s support through initiatives like Erasmus+ continues to catalyze positive change.

SOURCE: Coverghan.com.gh


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