Maybe Wontumi didn’t understand the English I spoke – Kennedy Agyapong’s campaign manager


Kwame Owusu, the National Campaign Coordinator overseeing Kennedy Agyapong’s campaign for the flagbearer position, has expressed dissatisfaction with Bernard Antwi Bosiako, the Ashanti Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), who is popularly known as Chairman Wontumi. The friction has arisen due to allegations of misinformation and concoction.

Chairman Wontumi had put forth the assertion that Kwame Owusu played a pivotal role in alerting Kennedy Agyapong about the circumstances that led to his passionate outburst against both the President and the Vice President.

However, during an interview held on Neat FM on August 28, 2023, Kwame Owusu countered Wontumi’s allegations.

He dismissed the claims as baseless, elucidating that the interpretation of the events was inaccurate.

Owusu remarked, “If he received word that I was conversing on the phone, it couldn’t have been in reference to me reporting the situation. Perhaps he misconstrued the language; he misinterpreted the context of our discussion.”

He proceeded to provide clarity, stating, “I was engaged in a conversation with my representative in the North East region.

The discussion was centered on advising my agent not to endorse the document due to certain irregularities.

Contrary to the original plan of conducting the election outdoors, it was conducted indoors. Chairman Wontumi’s claims lack foundation… He indulges in frivolity. The regional chairman treats matters too lightly.”

Kwame Owusu further elaborated that the content of his conversation with his representative bore no relation to notifying Kennedy Agyapong about the incident.

He underscored that the timing of the phone call stands as a contradiction to Chairman Wontumi’s assertions.



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