A Supreme Court judge’s alleged vote buying; Obiri Boahen must know better

Nana Obiri Boahen
Nana Obiri Boahen

A staunt member and an active social activist if the National Democratic Congress Godwin Mahama from Domeabra- Obom Constituency has jabbed the Deputy General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Nana Obiri Boahen following his public uturances on a Supreme Court judge who allegedly involved in a vote buying agenda during the election of Speaker for the 8th Parliament.

Godwin Mahama said, power has eluded the wisdom of people and these are people society expect better from, to help sharpen society and see to the full credibility of the country’s Institutions at any point in time.

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In a statement sighted by Coverghana.com.gh, he said, he has listened to the Deputy General Secretary of the NPP, Nana Obiri Boahen on the issue of the alleged  supreme court judge trying to campaign for the election of Prof. Aaron Mike Oquaye to continue as the Speaker of Parliament of the 8th Parliament by calling a female NDC MP-Elect  to vote against Rt. Hon Speaker Alban Sumana Kingsford Bagbin, and this is what he said;

“The Supreme Court judge is a human being and there is no law in Ghana that bars a Supreme Court from being a sympathizer of a political party”

“All these people call themselves Lawyers but know nothing. Mr Obiri Boahen must know that in the law Court Wisdom, Morality and Credibility play a lot of roles in addition to law.” He explained.

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He again said, Mr Obiri Boahen must avert his mind to the fact that in our country, some persons are not supposed to engage themselves in open Politics due to the position they hold especially our Judges and Chiefs.

“How will society take his judgement anytime he is on a case concerning his opponent, and do we expect such opponent to see fairness in his ruling? Obiri Boahen may be right in what he said, but wisdom and common sense should have been applied in his response and analysis of the issue knowing the institution/person the  allegation is made against.”

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Law is not Everything.

“I am not surprised because under the NPP, they don’t mind to soil all institutions in good standing if only it will be in their favour. ie the Electoral Commission, the Ghana Police Service, the Ghana Armed Forces and others. Let’s look at how our respected Military was  used unnecessarily  by the NPP during the just ended Voter registration exercise, during the General Elections and the recent shameful act that was exhibited on the floor of Parliament during the Election of the speaker of the 8th Parliament that has brought the image of our military into disrepute for the first time in our country’s history.”


“These are the same acts the NPP guys are trying to do to our judges especially to the highest Court of the land, being the Supreme Court regardless of its deadly effect now and in the future. How on earth will a whole lawyer and the Deputy General Secretary of the NPP make this unpardonable Comment if it isn’t their plan to do so as a political party?”

According to him, Ghanaians must sit up and call a spade a spade but not a big spoon. In our political history in this 4th republic, this is the first time a supreme court judge is meddling in our politics while in active service. This is not a joke and must not be taken for a ride. The chief justice must see to the end of this case and not the way the NPP are using some of their party folks including their Deputy General Secretary to destroy our judicial system and also make it NPP and NDC thing, then at end nothing good will come out of it.

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“The future is pregnant if the current mother in labour is not allowed to put to bed. Let’s speak the truth today and condemn this evil act of our supreme court judge if its true, and this act of lack of common sense response from the Deputy General Secretary of the NPP Obiri Boahen.”

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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