Who becomes the Majority or Minority in the 8th Parliament: The position of the Law

Parliament of Ghana
Parliament of Ghana

The drama on which Political party becomes the Majority or Minority in the 8th Parliament has captured the major news headlines as Political authors and the two major political parties thus; National Democratic Congress and the New Patriotic Party lock horns.

In the wake of the drama, the Independent Member of Parliament for Fomena Constituency Andrew Asiamah Amoako has officially written to the speaker of Parliament Rt. Hon. Alban Sumana Kingsford Bagbin informing him of his position to join the New Patriotic Party in transacting business in the House.

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In a statement, Godwin Mahama, a staunt and leading member of NDC said, surprisingly, in his letter to the speaker suggest he is going to do business with the same party that never respected him, never had confidence in him and the party he was sacked weeks to the parliamentary elections.

“The party that told him through the president then that he can’t work with an independent person who do not respect and later the general secretary of the same party is on record for telling him the party is not ready to receive him unless ……….” He said.

Fomena MP declares to join NPP for transacting business in Parliament

According to him, such is not his main reason here, but after his official letter to the speaker was leaked/given to the media, he has read several opinions which most suggest his decision comes to settle the matter on Majority and Minority in Parliament.

In providing proper position to his argument, he has asked the public to take time and read this portion of the Supreme Law of the land being the1992 Constitution,Chapter 10 article 96(1)(b).

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                THE LEGISLATURE
         Composition of Parliament

Article 96.

(1) There shall be two Deputy Speakers of Parliament –

(a) who shall be elected by the members of Parliament from among the members of Parliament; and

(b) both of whom shall not be members of the same political party.

“If per the 1992 constitution article 96 clause 1(b) suggest, No two(2) deputy speakers can come from the same political party, then why will one claim by the mere fact that he has accepted to do business with the NPP makes him an NPP in Parliament.” Godwin Mahama asked.

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He again said, if the Independent MP and the NPP want to accept him as a member of the NPP, then he thinks they knows the right thing to do, 2nd Deputy speaker.

“Journalist and others who are interested in this   minority majority issue in the 8th Parliament, must all avert their minds to this portion of the 1992 Constitution. Let’s get focused and not allowed the Npp to set their own rules and also give us their own interpretation of our laws either those on the floor of Parliament or from our Constitution. Be a Citizen and Not a Spectator.” He explained.

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