Accra’s air quality rated ‘very unhealthy,’ ranked as the world’s worst

Accra's air quality rated 'very unhealthy,' ranked as the world's worst
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According to recent rankings, Accra, the capital city of Ghana, has been identified as one of the worst major cities in the world with regards to air quality. It has been placed in the “Very Unhealthy” category alongside Lahore, Pakistan.

In the rating, Accra Ghana scored 212 US AQI, which is 90 points below the “Hazardous” air quality category, the worst on the scale.

In the past few days, the capital city has experienced hazy conditions, which many attributed to the intensity of the Harmattan season. However, it appears that the weather is a result of pollution.

The Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMet) has explained that the “dryness and decreased visibility” are caused by dust lifted from Chad, Sudan and Niger. The GMet has also warned that these conditions are expected to persist at varying intensities over the next few days.

The Acting Director-General of GMet, Eric Asuman, has issued a statement advising the public to take precautions to stay safe. The statement recommends that people should keep hydrated, follow fire safety precautions, cover food and water to prevent dust from settling on them, wash fruits thoroughly before eating them, and wear nose masks to reduce the effects on people who are allergic to dust.



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