Akatsi College of Education gets a new Vice Principal

Mr. Mark Mishiwo
Mr. Mark Mishiwo

The Management together with the Governing Council of Akatsi College of Education has appointed Mr. Mark Mishiwo as the current Vice Principal of the College.

Earlier this year, the College has, in a public notice announced the information for qualified individuals to apply for the vacant position.

The Information available to Coverghana.com.gh shows that, a few individuals contested for the Vice Principal position but only two (2) Principal Lecturers from the College qualified for the vacant position.


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The two (2) qualified Principal Lecturers were Mr. Bliss Sedega and Mr. Mark Mishiwo. They later faced a panel constitueted by the College Council for an interview for the declared position. The panel/committee after the interview submitted its recommendation to the College Council through the Principal of the College Mr. John E. Sedoh for final approval.

Upon further consultations and consideration by the College Council on the recommendation of the Academic Board and the committee, Mr. Mark Mishiwo has been appointed as the Vice Principal of the College for two (2) successive terms.

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The appointment of Mr. Mark Mishiwo came forth after the former Vice Principal Mr. Korbla Amekor out-served or has exhausted the two terms in office as outlined by the Colleges of Education Art 2012, Art 847 (The Harmonised Statutes for the Colleges of Education). Mr. Amekor served as the Vice Principal of the College for almost 11 years thus from 2009 to 2020.


According to the College of Education Art and the Tertiary laws governing Colleges of Education, Mr. Mark Mishiwo shall hold office for a period of three (3) years and may be eligible for re- appointment as Vice Principal by the Council. If he is re-appointed, he shall serve for another three (3) years making a total of six (6) years in office as stated by the Act.

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Aside his position as the Vice Principal, he shall also serve as the Chairperson/Head of the Academic Board and a member of the College  Council.

The notice of appointment of Mr. Mark Mishiwo as the Vice Principal of Akatsi College of Education can be ascertained at the College’s notice board.

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Mr. Mark Mishiwo attended University of Education, Winneba and graduated with Bachelor (B.ED) (Hons) in Mathematics. He also holds a Master of Art (MA) in Mathematics from Hiroshima University in Japan. Mr. Mark Mishiwo is currently a Mathematics educator at Akatsico College of Education and a Principal Lecturers/Tutor until his appointment as the Vice Principal of Akatsi College of Education.

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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