All you need to know about Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer

Generally, Breast Cancer can be defined as a disease in which cells in the breast grow abnormally or is a cancer that form in the cells of the breast.

Many people describe Breast Cancer as a deadly disease because it’s cost intensive.

These article is based on different kinds/types of breast cancer, stages of breast cancer, risk factors of breast cancer, signs and symptoms of breast cancer, prevention of breast cancer.


Types of Breast Cancer

1. Duct Ak Carcinoma in situ(DCIS)

2. Inflammatory breast cancer

3. Invasive lobular carcinoma

4. Recurrent breast cancer

5. Lobular carcinoma in situ (LCIS)

6. Male breast cancer

7. Angiosarcoma

Stages of Breast Cancer

This stages is according to the size of the tumor and if it has spread to the lymph nodes or other part of the body. The stages starts from 0-4 (start in the inner lining of milk duct that supply them with milk)


At this stage the cells are limited within the duct and have not spread into the other tissues . This stage is also known as Ductal Carcinoma In Situ


The tumor invaded into any of the lymph nodes or there are small groups of cancer cells in the lymph nodes.


The cancer cells spread to nearby nodes to affect them


At this third stage the cancer cells has spread to several lymph nodes.



This is the final stage . This is when the tumor or cancer cells spread to the other organs, often the bones, liver, brain or lungs etc

Causes of Breast Cancer

The exact cause of breast cancer remains unclear but other risks factors make it more likely.

Risk factors of Breast Cancer

1.  Genetics

2. History of breast condition or cancer

3. Dense breast tissue

4. Estrogen exposure

5.Body weight

6. Radiation exposure

7. Hormone treatment

8. Age

Signs and Symptoms of Breast Cancer

1. Change in the size, shape or appearance of a breast

2. Changes to the skin over the breast such as dimpling

3. Pain in the breast that does not change with the monthly cycle

4. Redness of the skin of the breast

5. A rash around or on one of the nipples

6. Discharge from a nipple may contain blood

7. A sunken or inverted nipple

8. Peeling, flaking or scaling of the skin on the breast or nipple

Prevention of Breast Cancer

1. Early detection of the cancer

2. Regular screening

3. Self breast examination

4. Reduce the exposure of radiation

5. Maintain a healthy weight

6. Being physically active

7. Breastfeeding

8. Limit hormonal therapy



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