“Is it that there are no jobs or there are jobs but the salary is not good?” – John Dumelo quizzes

John Setor Dumelo
John Setor Dumelo

Popular Ghanaian actor John Dumelo has thrown a hard question at the unemployed youth of the country. 

It is a well known fact that the employment rate in the country is very high as universities in the country keep churning out tens of thousands of graduates every year who move from one company to another searching for jobs.

However, actor John Dumelo has questioned if it is that there are no jobs in the country or there are jobs but the salary attached to the jobs are not Good.


“Lemme ask, is it that there are no jobs or there are jobs but the salary is not good. Which is which?”

Some followers of John Dumelo have been responding to his question.

According to some of them, there are some jobs in the country but the salaries are just nothing to write home about and other also think that the jobs opportunities in the system are not enough and that’s why many employers pay meager salaries.

See some responses to John Dumelo’s tweet below

“There are jobs but it depends on what one wants…

A fresh graduate wants to earn 3000-5000gh a month like someone who had been the system for 10years + even with them ask if they are earning that much as a fresh graduate wants. So is relative.


And most want office jobs. But same people will travel and be doing menial jobs but here in Ghana they won’t.

Nevertheless Government needs to create more jobs and give a helping hand to the youth that can create and invest in vocation too.” Gyamera @baffs600 said in a tweet.

“Job opportunities are very less and once employers are aware of that of this problem they bargain themselves out by offering small wages of which employees have no option to reject bcos probably this person has been home for 4 years without job. That’s the situation now. K. God said in his response.”

“Let’s be realistic here. There are jobs in this country paaaaa but it’s all about protocol. Old aged have refused to go on retirement for the young ones to take over and that is why the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer” Fiifi also contributed to John Dumelo’s question.


SOURCE : Coverghana.com.gh


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