Allowance and quota systems in Colleges of Education is a disaster and calamity – Ayingura Aduko

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Allowance and quota systems in Colleges of Education is a disaster and calamity

Ghana Tertiary Education Commission (GTEC) in a letter to the National Conference of Principals of Colleges of Education (PRINCOF) confirmed the re-introduction of a quota system in the 2022/2023 academic year where the Colleges of Education were directed to admit some specified number of applicants.

A Ghanaian citizen, Stephanon Ayingura Nsoh Aduko’s shared his opinion and analysis of both the quota and payment of allowance where he described the move as a disaster and calamity which has befallen Colleges.


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According to Stephanon Ayingura, the quota system is back into the various training colleges. That is both nurses and teacher training colleges.

He said the 2022/2023 academic year admission portal was opened for over 10,000 people to apply throughout the country.

Even though they (nurses) were invited for interviews, only about 20% of these applicants were given admission to study in each of the training colleges.

In his opinion, the move is a calculated step engineered by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government. He noted that, the government instructed the training colleges and their agencies/ministries not to admit more than what the government can cater for in terms of feeding and payment of allowances to the students/applicants.

Based on the communicated decision of the government, many people who applied with good results could not get admission into the teachers’ and nurses’ training colleges because of the allowance and quota systems.

For these reasons according to his submissions, the admissions were done purely/based on a protocol basis.

He made his submission boldly on the protocol for admission “If the applicants did not have any big person in society or know a big politician or know a person of importance to work out things for them to get the admissions, then the applicants could not get the admissions.”

“This year 2022, the many people who applied to study in these schools throughout the country, only a few highly protocol people/applicants got admissions into these various nurses and teachers training schools/colleges to study.”

“And this is very very bad and sick for this country, Ghana,” he described.

He allegedly said that the Akufo-Addo-led government cannot cater for the necessary needs of trainees.

“Ghanaians are eager to go to school to study to become teachers and nurses, but they cannot get admitted into these training schools because the Ghana government (NPP Akufo-Addo government) thinks that it cannot take care of all the applicants when these applicants are given admissions to study in the schools.”

“It is all because the Ghana government cannot pay or give or maintain that old tradition of paying monthly allowances or stipends to these students and also feed them properly.”

Stephanon Ayingura at a point in his analysis compared the previous Mahama-led government to the sitting government, NPP on the grounds of trainees’ allowance.

“This is why the previous NDC John Mahama’s government tried to avoid by canceling the teachers and nurses training monthly allowances.”

The action of the Mahama-led government according to him was to admit all.

“And this was to allow every qualified applicant to be admitted into the various training Colleges throughout the country. This was to also allow more people to go into the nursing and teaching profession by allowing and giving all qualified applicants the opportunities to be admitted and educated without any form of restriction /or flimsy excuse to deny these applicants better quality education, and a profession to earn a living or income and also contribute to building a better society and a better country, Ghana.”

He added saying “This NPP Akufo-Addo Bawumia’s government came into government in 2017 and restored the cancelation of the monthly allowances/stipends when they knew very well that they could not pay these allowances to all admitted students/applicants.”

“Currently, even the few ones or small quota the NPP Akufo-Addo government has admitted in these training schools, the government are unable to constantly pay their allowances.”

He called for the total scrapping of the two systems. 

“These allowances and quota systems must be scrapped or done away with.”

“The government must cancel the allowances and remove the quota system to enable every qualified applicant and all qualified applicants get admitted into the various training colleges to study to contribute to the development of this country and also earn something for themselves and their families,” Stephanon Ayingura’s reason for the scrapping of allowance and quota.

Further, he added a conditional clause to his reason.

“If it happens that Ghana have more than enough nurses and teachers in the country, some of these professionals can travel outside the country to work, or that the government can have some exchange arrangements/agreements/programmes with some countries in the world, so that the government can send these surplus nurses or teachers to go and work over there.”

“If they go and wants to remain there, so be it. And if they go and wants to return to Ghana, so be it. At least, they will have a job for themselves, and earn some living or income for themselves and Ghana, because there will be some foreign currency transfers or inflows into Ghana, which would or could also contribute to the stability of our Ghana currency, the cedi.”



Stephanon Ayingura said “It seems like many Ghanaians/people did not know or understand why the NDC John Mahama’s government canceled these allowances, and for this reason, I would used this opportunity to explain about 4 reasons why these teachers and nurses training allowances were withdrawn or canceled.”


Stephanon Ayingura again opined that, “In the 70s thereabout, there were not enough nurses and teachers in Ghana. Many people in those days did not want to go and study in the nurses and teachers training colleges in Ghana.

“People/students/applicants were avoiding being admitted into the teachers and nurses training schools in those times. This meant that Ghana was getting short of nurses and teachers in those times which was going to affect the country if nothing was done by the then government to encourage students or people to enter the various nurses and training schools in the country.

He continued saying “So, to encourage people to enter or go to these training schools to study so the country can have or produce enough nurses and teachers for the country, the then government introduced the free feeding and monthly allowance policies for these schools/students.”

“This saw massive enrollment into these schools. These policies attracted many people into these schools to study to become teachers and nurses, and as time passed by, the enrollments /or admissions were more than enough, leading to the introduction of the admission quota system, because the various governments could not afford to feed all these students, and again pay their monthly allowances or stipends.”

“And this has been the norm ever since its introduction many years ago until this monthly allowances policy was withdrawn or canceled by the NDC John Mahama’s government.”


“1. It was canceled because there were admissions quota system which prevented many people/applicants from gaining admissions into these nurses and teachers training schools to study and become nurses and teachers in the country.”

“2. It was canceled because the NDC John Mahama’s government wanted to stop the admissions quota system so as to allow many more qualified Ghanaian applicant to gain admissions into these schools to study and become teachers and nurses so they could earn a living for themselves and also contribute to the development of this country, Ghana.”

According to Stephanon Ayingura “this admissions quota system was as a result of the monthly allowances that was being paid by the then/the various governments which was also to stop the highly protocol admissions that was going on at that time due to the limited or few number of applicants that were admitted.”

Explaining admission and intake of applicants, he added that 

“Many people applied to these training schools but only few people got admissions to study in these training schools. This meant that, majority of the applicants could not get the chance to go to school and that ended their quest to become nurses and teachers or to earn higher education.”

“3. It was also canceled because, these schools have fought to become tertiary institutions and were being awarded diploma certificates just as the other normal tertiary institutions or universities, instead of the normal /or ordinary certificates.”

Casting the mind back, talked about the inception of training colleges from the angle of status and policies.

“In those days or previously, these training schools were not tertiary institutions, and therefore merited the feeding or the allowance policies. But as they became or have become tertiary institutions like the other tertiary institutions or universities, these training schools could/did not qualify to continue taking the allowances, because their colleague other tertiary or university students did not take and were not taking any monthly allowance but rather student loans.”

“Also, the same nursing and teaching diploma programmes were being done in their colleague other tertiary institutions or universities.”

“4. Lastly, it was canceled because if these nurses and teachers training colleges continued to take or be given the allowances, their colleagues /or counterparts or students in the other tertiary institutions or universities would or could some day also demand to be paid or be given these monthly allowances instead of the student loans, and if this was not done, then it would have been a discrimination against the other tertiary or university students, hence the need to cancel it for every tertiary or university student to apply for the student loans so as to avoid problems, rancours, agitations, and demonstrations or strikes in the future.



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