Another reason why Asantes and Anlo tribe had a great relationship [History]

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Another reason why Asantes and Anlo Êʋê had a great relationship was because of their economical benefits to each other.

Until the late 18th century / early 19th , the trade of salt to the inner lands (especially east of the Volta) was dominated by the Anlo Êʋês.

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Salt and fish were traded upriver as far as it was navigable, to Akwamu, and then to Kwahu, Krepe, Asante and beyond to Salaga and Brong.

Infact, coastal salt was regularly on sale in the Kumasi market.

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The production of salt was in so much demand that each household had at least one or two huts for salt storage, each containing approximately 50 ‘tonnes’.

During the Asante wars of the 1860s salt was even smuggled to Kumasi because direct access had been temporarily cut off.

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A salt depot in Anyako with a small part of the town and the keta lagoon behind it – Circa ; 1880/1910 .


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