OPINION: The Ewe Are Ripe – Dr. Akofa Segbefia writes

Dr. Akofa Segbefia and Jerry John Rawlings (Late)
Dr. Akofa Segbefia and Jerry John Rawlings (Late)

A Senior Consultant at DanConsult Limited and Philosopher of Religion Dr. Akofa Segbefia says the Ewe Ethnic Groups have become targets of tribal and ethnic bigotry because they are ripe.

In a statement Issued by him, he said, who throws stones into a compound of unripe mango trees? No one.

In the same vein the Ewe have beome targets of tribal and ethnic bigotry because they are ripe. The problem with bigots is that when they don’t understand you they either hate you, despise you or even eliminate you. Or look at you with disdain in their eyes.


Task Chiefs, traditional councils and historians to write history of their tribes

First, have you noticed that I write Ewe as a collective and not Ewes? If the Asante call themselves Ashantis, that’s their own business. If Fante refer to themselves as Fantis, let it be their cup of tea, just as Ga will say they are Gas, etc etc. Now, other tribes in Ghana don’t even know who the real Ewe are. They refer to people of Likpe, Jasikan, Buem, Nkonya etc etc as Ewe. Wrong!!

But they are quick to differentiate between Asante, Fante, Denkyira, Nzema, etc. and expect others to know this difference. They’re indifferent to the differences between Anlo, Ave, Tongu, or Ewedome. They don’t care. They lump all together in spewing their toxic bigotry.

Apologize, withdraw and destroy your bigotry History Textbooks – Volta Chiefs to Publishers

That this bigotry finds expression in textbooks meant for young minds is symptomatic to giving a dog a bad name to hang it. It’s an abomination to speak Ewe in offices, schools, social gatherings and events outside of the Volta Region. You are either frowned at or completely avoided or reprimanded for daring to speak your language.

They refer to us Number 9 in derogatory terms without knowing how that nomenclature came about. I remember when I was Head of News at one popular fm station in Takoradi, the CEO himself was livid whenever I spoke Ewe to my Ewe compatriots, who were incidentally my relatives, on the staff. To the extent that many Ewe, for fear of this bigots, wouldn’t dare let  their origins be known.

VIDEO: An Ewe Historian explains meaning of ‘Kete’; Says Ewes were not slaves to Asantes

It might surprise you to know that Dr. Kofi Konadu Apraku, who at one time aspired to be the flagbearer of the NPP hails from Wusuta in the Volta Region. When he was Minister for Transport, Prof. Ameyaw-Ekumfi (Ekumfi-Ameyaw, whichever is correct) said openly he couldn’t work with Ewe. Thus, Dr. Justice Amegashie was pushed to an office next to the staff toilet in the Ministry.

Those of us brought up outside the Volta Region have our own tales. Mention your name and you were asked what the meaning of the name was. Meanwhile, it’s none of my business what Asare Bediako means. How dare you pronounce Okyere wrongly in their estimation? But none of them will pronounce Dodzi right, yet they don’t care.

Gun-wielding military can’t deter us; We’ll fight this battle now for generations unborn – Edem Agbana 

Listen to their illiterate radio and television presenters pronounce Dangme, Ga, Ewe and other non-Akan names. That is how much my people are loathed.

But on the quiet, when they want honest and upright administrators, accountants and other staff they prefer Ewe. The rogues among them wouldn’t want us in those positions because the Ewe wouldn’t bend the rules to their nefarious benefits.

So, today Akonedi is Ewe, Antoa is Ewe, not so? They don’t know what Efo (or Fo) means, and they wouldn’t bother to find out.

Classless bigotry, if you asked me.
Sadly, some of my people are so brainwashed to believe the lies told about us. The Ghana Armed Forces, the only bastion of professional integrity, is gradually being turned into such tribal carbal where enlistment is dependent on “Protocol List.”

Publishers of controversial History of Ghana textbooks apologize for offensive publication

How sad for Nkrumah’s Ghana!!
Nkrumah’s idea of national cohesion, which culminated in the establishment of boarding secondary schools is being abused by parents telling their wards not to make friends with fellow students from certain tribes.

Unfortunately, the politcians from Ewe land are not helping matters. First, they undermine one another, seek only their own, cannot present a common front. They cannot groom potential leaders among their ranks because, like the proverbial crabs in a basket, each is jostling to reach the top by climbing over the others.

The chiefs from Ewe land don’t know how to project the true cultural identity of their chiefdoms. They don’t seem to know how to lead their subjects. What’s wrong with them? If they are afraid of the politicians, let them abdicate their thrones (or whatever they sit on) so that progressive leaders are enstooled to lead the people. If your children are not respected, it’s probable that they are from a weak parentage. Strong leaders never produce weaklings, do they?

The Ewe Nation is ripe so the detractors can see the signs and plot to bring it down. This must not be allowed to happen. When they go low, let’s go high and prove to them that we are a proud, honest, dignified, diligent, hardworking and fearless people.

If they claim we are not Ghanaians, let them send us back to where their warped minds tell them we come from.

Whoever gave the go-ahead for malicious textbooks to be published for young minds must know they have committed a crime against humanity. This aberration cannot go unpunished, mark my word.

People who know me well will admit that I’m not tribalistic, but that doesn’t mean the honour of my people, and any other people for that matter, should be desecrated on the alter of bigoted political patronage.

Notice is hereby served that this nonsense will not be allowed to continue.

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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  1. I felt the power of Torgbui Tsali in your speach God bless you sir.

    My point of interest is that Eʋes are not different from others, all of us one are one people, we may from different mothers, but trust me we are from one ancestor.

    The Bible called that ancestor Jacob, and his 12 children, the Anlos are the Levites still keeping the covenant Ark. We are fearfully and Wonderfully made! Anlos are the main target of this haters.


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