Apologize and retract your unwarranted comments or loose union members

King Ali Awudu
King Ali Awudu

The Executive Director of African Foundation for Educational Development (AFFED) Ernest Kwame Adade has vowed to lead a campaign for all teachers aligned with Coalition of Concern Teachers- Ghana (CCT-GH) to change their membership to other unions if their National President King Ali Awudu does not apologize to teachers in Ghana within a space of three (3) days for his disrespectful comments.

According to him, he is shocked to learn about an interview granted by King Ali Awudu the president of Coalition of Concern Teachers-Ghana (CCT-GH) directing teachers to leave the service if they are dissatisfied with the TM1 laptops. His comments are unfortunate to the his union members and teachers at large.

He said, technology has come to live with us hence ICT a necessity in our schools.


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Mr. Adade noted that, no rational thinking human would oppose such initiative of providing laptops for teachers. However, if the processes of the initiative raises some legit questions, such must be answered.

“If the price of  the laptops increase at the time of distribution, the teacher must express his dissatisfaction. If a 4GB RAM machine with 250GB memory is sold at a cost of GHC 1800+, teachers have the right to complain. If the teachers were not consulted before a reach of the contract, they have the right to register their displeasure especially because the employer should have taken full cost of the laptops.” He said.


He further said, the concerns raised, does not warrant King Ali in any way to speak to teachers with such level of arrogance and disrespect. He must recognize the fact that, same teachers are his union members and same teachers are accommodating him as a president of the Union.

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The Executive Director of African Foundation for Educational Development (AFFED) re-iterates that, if he does not apologize to Ghanaian teachers and retract his statement, he will stage a one on one campaign with all available evidential information against CCT for their members to exit the union.

He also said, King Ali Awudu’s apology must be followed by his resignation since his leadership has so far failed to serve the interest of teachers.

Contact Mr. Earnest Kwame Adade via (+233)0241196960 for more information

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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