Ash Carter Cause of Death, Age, Net Worth, Wife, Children, Parents, Siblings

Ash Carter Cause of Death, Age, Net Worth, Wife, Children, Parents, Siblings
Ash Carter
Ashton Baldwin Carter popularly known as Ashton Carter was a high profile military officer in the United States. Ashton was a member of the Democrats party in America. He is known for his strong advocacy and inclusion of women in high military positions in the United States during his tenure as Secretary for Defense.
Ash Carter’s massive shake up in the military for women whiles he was in charge carved an exceptional name for him in the United States especially because that was the first time ever such changes had been effected.

Ash Carter Nationality 

Ash Carter was an American. He was born in Philadelphia in the United States.

Ash Carter Age: How old was Ash Carter?

Ash Carter was 68 years as of the time of his death. He was born in Philadelphia, United States on 24th September, 1954 and his death occurred on 24th October, 2022.


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Ash Carter Wife

Ash Carter was married twice. His first marriage was with Clayton Spencer and the couple had two children together.  His wife and partner as of his time of death was Stephanie Carter.

Ash Carter Children

Ash Carter was a father of two; a daughter and a son. His children are Ava Carter (daughter) and Williams Carter (son).


Ash Carter Parents

Ash Carter was born to William Stanley Carter Jr. (father), a military doctor and Anne Baldwin Carter (mother).

Ash Carter Siblings

Ash Carter grew up with two other siblings. His siblings are Corinne Green and Cynthia DeFelice.

Ash Carter Net Worth

Ash Carter had a net Worth of $1.8 million in estimation. His net Worth was generated mainly from his military and political career among the other things he did.

Ash Carter Cause of Death


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