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Grace Afanyi Asieduwaa Arhin
Grace Afanyi Asieduwaa Arhin

Asiedua Biography

The Central Region’s Representative Grace Afanyi Asiedua Arhin, popularly known by stage name Asiedua is the second runner-up (3rd position) of the TV3 Ghana’s Most Beautiful (GMB) 2022 edition.

Grace Afanyi Asiedua Arhin is a finalist at the 2022 edition of the Ghana’s Most Beautiful Pageant organized and aired by the TV3 broadcasting Network in Ghana. Asiedua is a journalist, a strong woman and a gender activist/advocate.


Asiedua became a part of the beauty pageant as an ambassador to represent the Central region in Ghana. Her goal is to promote the quality education that has always been the pride of her region.

She has performed consistently beautiful with amazing energy, eloquence and confidence. Asiedua has booked a spot in the finals of the 2022 GMB show as a result of her hard work and superb performances coupled with her votes from fans.

Asiedua Age

Asiedua Grace Afanyi Arhin, the GMB queen from the Central region was born on 25th October, 1998 in Ghana. She is 24 years old as of 2022.

Asiedua Grace Afanyi Arhin Nationality

Asiedua Grace Afanyi Arhin is a Ghanaian. She is from the Central region of Ghana.

Asiedua husband

Asiedua Grace Afanyi Arhin is not married yet as of 2022 and has no known children yet.

Asiedua Grace Afanyi Arhin Hometown

Asiedua, the 2022 GMB representative is from Cape Coast in the Central region.

Asiedua Grace Afanyi Tribe

Asiedua is from the Fante tribe in Cape Coast. She speaks her native language “Fante” affluently.

Asiedua  Parents

Asiedua Grace Afanyi Arhin was born to Mr Afanyi Arhin and his wife who reside in Cape Coast in the Central region of Ghana.

Asiedua Grace Afanyi Arhin Education

Asiedua had her early life and education in the Central region of Ghana. She had her secondary education at the University Practice Senior High School in the Central region.

She then furthered her education at the GH Media School for journalism Studies, in the Greater Accra region. Asiedua is currently a practicing journalist at multimedia channel, Adom TV.

Asiedua Height

Asiedua Grace Afanyi Arhin is quite tall. She has a height of 6 ft 8 inches which is equivalent to 204.0 cm.

Asiedua Weight

Asiedua Grace Afanyi Arhin is quite slim and has a naturally slender body. She weighs about 110 lbs which is equivalent to 70 kilograms.

Asiedua Grace Afanyi Arhin Instagram

Asiedua  is quite active on Instagram. She can be checked out on her handle @asieduaa_gmb22.



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