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Austin St. John

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Austin St. John, Age, Wife, Children;

Austin St. John is an American actor, a marital artist and a paramedic. He gained the fame attached to his name from 1993-1999 where he took a role in the famous TV show Power Rangers.

He was born as Jason Lawrence Geiger but in his professional world, he is widely called Austin St. John.

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Austin St. John Age

Austin St. John is 47 year-old. He was born on 17th September 1974 in Roswell, New Mexico, US.

Austin St. John Wife

In a lot of outlets, Austin St. John’s wife have not been reported. No information is out pertaining to his marriage life. Either earlier, currently or a divorce.

He might be a secret person that hides his family from the public eye but, he is a father two (2) and one (1). That is daughters and a son. Their names are unknown as at now.

Is Austin St. John Spanish?

Austin St. John has Spanish roots. He is of Native American, German, Irish, Japanese and Spanish descent.

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