Battor Neighbourhood Watch Committee arrests two suspected motorbike criminals

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Battor Neighbourhood Watch Committee logo

Battor Neighbourhood Watch Committee has arrested two suspected motorbike criminals and hands them over to the Aveyime-Battor District Police Command.

According to the commander of Battor Neighbourhood Watch Committee Mr. Foster Kofigah,  there was a case reported at his office on 31st August, 2022 at about 6:15am of a missing motorcycle belonging to one Wisdom Kofi.

According to Wisdom Kofi, after work yesterday as a day security officer at the Battor Senior High School (BASEC), he decided to take some rest leaving his motorbike packed outside his room. And at about 9:00pm after waking up, he detected that, the motorbike wasn’t there.

Mr. Kofigah explained that, upon the receipt of his complaints, the Battor Neighbourhood Watch Committee decided to make some investigations which led them to gather an intelligence that, the motorbike was stolen and hidden in a certain deserted room by one Mpa and his friend Kwame.

The intelligence also revealed that, the suspects engaged the services of a motor repairer to come and loose parts of the motorbike for them into pieces so that, they can transport them in pieces to be sold at Dawhenya.

Battor Neighbourhood Watch Committee commander said, same intelligence again revealed that, as at about 11:00pm on 30th August, 2022, Kwame was heard on a phone call with someone telling the fellow that, he will be bringing some “goods” to him at Dawhenya today.

So quickly after gathering all these, Mr. Kofigah in charge of 5 other men from the office of the Battor Neighbourhood Watch Committee moved to the said deserted room in Kwame’s house but have met their absence.

Upon pipping through the windows, they saw a motorbike parked in the room. He then called the complainant to come and identity if that’s his motorbike and he confirmed in positive.

Battor Neighbourhood Watch Committee also had an information that, the two suspects were coming into the house and when they noticed of their presence, then they quickly moved out.

Battor Neighbourhood Watch Committee also decided to chase them out and later got them arrested.

The suspects were then brought into the house and they themselves lead the Battor Neighbourhood Watch Committee into the room and the motorbike was retrieved with the key switch cable tampered with.


The suspects confirmed being behind the crime to the Commander and pleaded that, they wanted to sort him and his men out financially for the issue not to be sent to the Aveyime Police Station but, rather be handled at Battor Neighborhood Watch Committee office but, he declined.

Mr. Foster Kofigah then arranged for a taxi and later went to hand the suspects over to the North Tongu District Police command-Aveyime -Battor for further investigations to continue.


The Battor Neighbourhood Watch Committee has been set up by the Battor Traditional Council in collaboration with the Ghana Police Service and has officially been inaugurated by the then Tongu Divisional Police Commander Chief Sup. Dennis Fiakpui for almost four years now.

Its under the command of CPA Kofigah Foster Kwasi, who also works at the Aveyime Police Station as a Community Policing Assistant and he is also the National President of the Nationwide CPAs.

Since the establishment of the Battor Neighbourhood Watch Committee – BANEWC, they have been in the front line fighting crimes in their jurisdictions tirelessly making crime rate at the Battor Community very low now.

They now serving as the interface between the Police Command and the citizens.

They are widely commended for the good work being done by all. But one thing which their commander CPA Kofigah Foster Kwasi spoke about is lack of means of transportation (car) which is hampering their movements ie. patrols in the town especially at nights, moving suspects quickly to the police station and to quickly respond to crime when called upon.

He also used the opportunity to appealed to all well wishers and concerned citizens to come to their support to make the community very free of avoidable crimes to all.



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