Being Catholic than the Pope; The case of Koku Anyidoho – Jerry John Amedzro write

Koku Anyidoho
Koku Anyidoho

The Deputy Secretary of the National Democratic Congress for North Tongu Constituency Mr. Jerry John Amedzro has descended heavily on the former National Deputy Secretary of the party Mr. Koku Anyidoho for his anti-NDC attitudes in the recent time.

According to him, there is a limit to what one can do, if you exceed that, you are then taken as someone who has an underlying cause which needs to be watched critically. If you go to a bereaved family’s house and begin to cry more than the siblings, children wife, in short relations of that deceased person, then certainly there is something to gain.

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Mr. Amedzro who speaking with news team said, “There is no doubt that, the Chief Executive Officer of Atta-Mills Institute Mr. Koku Anyidoho was gainfully employed, when he has to leave his Job to follow Prof Mills around somewhere 2014 if my memories serve me right.”

“Thankfully, God smiled on the efforts of the NDC, Prof Mills and for that matter Koku Anyidoho when we won the 2008 elections. It must be put on record that, that victory didn’t come because of the efforts of just few people, even me the writer of this article has to abandon lectures severally as a TEIN President, embarked upon campaign tours together with my team to make that victory come through. There was an instance where I was nearly prevented from writing my exams because I couldn’t make the percentage attendance. People sacrificed, climbed poles to hoist flags , door to door campaigns, people funded programs with their hard earned money just to mention a few of the things Ghanaians did. I can’t leave out those who put their lives on the ground to make sure the brutish forces of the NPP never prevailed. The Long and short of it all is that not many of such people gained anything from that victory personally but Koku Anyidoho did enormously. So for him to be behaving as though he was abandoned after the death of Prof Mills is very unfortunate” He explained.

Atta Mills and I had a Covenant that after his Term of Office, We will Establish the Atta Mills Institute

There is no doubt that, Ghanaians loved Prof Mills, the NDC party loved Prof Mills, John Mahama who he has mentored loved him so much , Prof Mills had a family and his family loved him so much and in fact reports have it that some family members were with him before he finally gave out the ghost. The whole country was thrown into state of shock and agony because of the love they have for him.


One could understand how some persons very close to him like Koku Anyidoho might have felt, but Koku cannot love Prof Mills more than anyone, not John Mahama, not His immediate family, not his child and certainly not his lovely wife. So why is Koku Anyidoho hiding behind Prof,s death to be crying more than the bereaved family? Is he the only person who loved Prof Mills? Why is he using the same of this Peaceful Man to achieve his personal goals? What does he intend to gain for all that he is doing now? I think the Atta Mills family must bring Koku to order before he uses this Nice soul’s name to achieve his agenda of destroying the very party that he was once a deputy Secretary for and of which he roamed this country seeking to be elected as it’s Secretary.

Prof. Opoku-Agyemang’s speech was cleverly woven and leave no blind spots to attack her – Franklin Cudjoe 

Was it that when Koku Anyidoho was serving as a deputy Secretary,he didn’t know about the so called neglect he is now echoing for which he wants to paint his party black?

“I heard an audio purporting to have emanated from Wuntumi TV where Koku Anyidoho was crying to the extent that he can’t even grant the interview he was called for after he earlier on boasted he creates news and that he doesn’t follow news. Was that why he was behaving as if he is the only person who love Prof Mills in the whole world so as to create his negative news against this party thus if he still belong per his actions these days.” He said.

Mr. Amedzro further suggests that Koku Anyidoho be cautioned by the Atta Mills family before he drags the family’s name into disrepute with his new found attitude of begging in tears for Atta Mills who he believes won’t agree with what he Koku is doing now. Koku must stop being more Catholic than the Pope.


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