Blame NPP for acute shortage of water in some communities in North Tongu – NDC Communicator

Mornyuie Kennedy
Mornyuie Kennedy

The North Tongu Constituency Communications Officer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Mornyuie Kennedy has jabbed the New Patriotic Party for the acute shortage of water in some part of the Constituency.

In a press statement issued by the communications officer, he said, the attention of North Tongu National Democratic Congress’s(NDC) communications outfit has been drawn to a programme aired on Dela 105.7mhz Morning Show dated Tuesday February 23 2021 hosted by Christopher Papawu with the radio name country Wailer.

He noted that, the second segment of his morning show which zoomed in on North Tongu with a vested interest on acute water shortages in some parts of the constituency mostly rural communities popularly called Torgodo (Battor Torgodo, Mepe Torgodo etc).


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“Before I proceed, the media must be commended particularly Dela Radio for following up on human interest stories such as those under discussion today.” He praised.

Having said that, the issue of acute shortage of water in these areas of the constituency persisted over time. The situation has always been in it’s sorry state anytime the harmattan sets in, human beings and livestock alike suffer the devastating effect of the situation which is absolutely unacceptable in the 21st century.

“I agreed that, it’s the responsibility of public officials to provide basic social amenities. Listening to the show, I realized that our beloved constituents knowing whose duty it was to carry out this mandate plant it squarely on their doorsteps(DCE and MP’s whose main role is to make laws).” He said.

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“Using this medium, I want to make it very clear to North Tongu constituents, efforts made by Hon. Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa and the NDC to beat down on this phenomenon. For the past years Hon. Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa and the NDC single handedly supplied water to some, if not all of the communities in water distressed areas.”

Some of the communities included but not limited to;

Deve, Akuta, Zomayi, Agbesikpedo
Ayiwata, Kpekpo, Morklikpo,
Tsidzenu, Adidokpavu, Kanuwloe, kpoviedzi, Fakpoe, Dadome, Kpomkpo, Keseve, Podoe, Tsikpe, Tagadzi, Gborkorpe, Dramani korpe etc

He added that, Also, Hon. Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa donated Motto Kia to some communities in these water distressed areas for purposes of fetching water for the households of the community.

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In order to permanently cure the annual headache of our people, Five District Water Project was  commenced in phases in 2015 by the NDC administration to supply water to North Tongu, Central Tongu, South Tongu, Adaklu & Ho West Districts. Phase one & two of the project has been completed and in operation since 2016, the same year the pioneering government lost power to NPP.


“One would have thought that indigenes in government from these sister Districts would develop interest in the completion of the remaining phase of the project but the opposite was the case. In fact, North Tongu Constituency was eliminated from the list of the beneficiary districts.” He explained.

According to Mornyuie Kennedy, It is clear from the on set that, one of the two sides of the political divide who must take keen interest in satisfying the water needs of the people is virtually sleeping on the job.

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“The piece meal approach to solving the water situation would worsen the situation than it seeks to solve it. Erecting polytanks powered some boreholes is certainly not the way to go. Let’s be pragmatic in solving the water issues of our communities. Water they say is life.”

“Inasmuch as I would appreciate the efforts of the media in ensuring that constituents are served the right dose of development projects in this case availability of water to neglected folks, we want them to be specific on where to demand accountability. The resources of our country for the past four years have been under the control of the current government represented by the DCE, they must be seen to be acting and working in the best interest of Ghanaians and not their personal gains” He said.

He has therefore commended the cattle owners at Kpekpo – Horme for their initiative to create access to drinking water for both humans and livestock.

“We’ve already drew MP’s attention to the concerns of his beloved constituents as aired by the mentioned media house.”

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“In  conclusion, it is the duty of all of us including the media to ensure that the right and deserving development is  extended to our people. Finally, the lackadaisical attitude of the NPP towards our District must be told to them in their faces without fear or favor. Enough is enough”



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