Bob Uecker Age, Wife, Children, Parents & Biography

Robert George Uecker is an American former Major League Baseball player and current sportscaster, comedian, and actor.

Facetiously dubbed “Mr. Baseball” by TV talk show host Johnny Carson, Uecker has served as a play-by-play announcer for Milwaukee Brewers radio broadcasts since 1971.



Bob Uecker Age: How old is Bob Uecker?

Bob Uecker was born on 26th 1934 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States. He turned 89 yesterday, 26 January 2023.

Bob Uecker Height and Weight

Bob Uecker measures 6 feet 1 inch high which is equivalent to 1.85 metres high. He has a body weight of 85 kilograms, equivalent to 190Ibs.

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Bob Uecker Net Worth

Bob Uecker has a net worth of $10 Million in estimation.

Bob Uecker Nationality 

Bob Uecker is an American national. He was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S. to August Uecker, father, and Mary Schultz, mother.

Some Fast Facts About

Name  Robert George Uecker
Date of Birth  26th January 1934
Nationality  American
Spouse divorced now*
Profession  Baseball player
Net Worth  $10 Million


Bob Uecker Education

Bob Uecker attended Bradley Tech High School. Several checks from multiple sources have it that the retired former Baseball player did not complete high school. He loves playing baseball to the core.


Bob Uecker Wife: Does Bob Uecker have a wife?

Bob Uecker married twice but they all went their separate ways after decades. He tied the knot with Judy Uecker from 1976 to 2001 (more than 2 decades). Earlier, he married his first love, Joyce Uecker (1956-1975) unfortunately, she passed away in 2015.

Bob Uecker Children

Bob Uecker is a father of four (4) children. Their names are:

  1. Steve Uecker
  2. Bob Uecker Jr.
  3. Sue Ann Uecker
  4. Leann Uecker

Bob Uecker Siblings 

Bob Uecker has three (3) siblings. Their names are Steve Uecker, Sue Ann Uecker, and Leann Uecker.

Bob Uecker Parents

August Uecker, father and his wife Mary Schultz, mother are the parents of the former American Baseball player.

Bob Uecker grandchildren 

The grandchildren of the retired Baseball player, Bob Uecker from America have no available records indicating the number of grandchildren he has as of January 2023.

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