Bolga East Parliamentary race; Don’t Vote for a Candidate who doesn’t “Know Accra” – Dr. Daniel A. Apeemah

Dr. Daniel A. Apeemah
Dr. Daniel A. Apeemah

Bolgatanga East Parliamentary race; Don’t Vote for a Candidate who doesn’t “Know Accra” – Dr. Daniel A. Apeemah advises Bolgatanga East Constituents.

With less than a week to this year’s Presidential and Parliamentary elections, the various Presidential and Parliamentary have been campaigning vigorously to be elected to represent their people.

As the campaign gets fierce for the candidate to represent the people of the Bolgatanga East Constituency, an indigen of the area, Dr. Daniel A. Apeemah has advised the people of Bolgatanga East not to vote for a Parliamentary candidate who doesn’t know Accra.

According to Dr. Daniel A. Apeemah, the Bolgatanga East Parliamentary candidate for the New Patriotic Party is not well exposed and ‘does not know Accra.’

Below is the advice from Dr. Daniel A. Apeemah to the Constituent of Bolgatanga East

Do not vote for an MP who doesn’t know “Accra”.


Do vote for someone who knows financially sound philanthropists, organizations, companies and of course someone who cares for humanity.

The demands and expectations of every constituency overburdens the MP’s common fund. It is too small to cater for the promises!

A Member of Parliament who doesn’t know “Accra” and hasn’t made it in private life might not be able to bring progress and development into his constituency.


It makes sense to entreat voters in this regard because MPs go beyond their constitutional legislative roles to do big things for their people.
For the avoidance of doubts, they’re parliamentary candidates in Accra that doesn’t know “Accra”.


Personally, I know the parliamentary candidate of the New Patriotic Party in Bolgatanga East Constituency doesn’t know Accra. He has been there for some meetings before but he doesn’t know Accra and I hope the good people of Bolgatanga East will never consider him as an alternative any day because he doesn’t know Accra,


As the current DCE who is also the New Patriotic Party’s Parliamentary candidate  has been able to only provide his District with only Match Boxes & Maggi Cubes to some selected homes.

We have suffered so much in our own country. Let’s change our situation through the ballot box on December 7th.


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