Canned foods are major causes of heart disease and stroke – Dr. Prince Mortoti

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Piwak Natural Health Dr. Prince Nelson Mortoti
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The CEO of Piwak Natural Health Dr. Prince Nelson-Mortoti has made it clear that canned foods also contribute to the major causes of heart disease and stroke. Piwak Natural Health is the producer of 3P Garlic Mixtures. A mixture meant to heal the entire human body system to the core.

Piwak Natural Health disclosed that humans are the major cause of their health problems. The food the body is fed with has many components that are meant to aid the body to operate to its fullest capacity without any breakdown.

However, since the greater part of mankind focuses on only the taste of the food, it will be difficult to read the ingredients, nutritional value, and components of any type of can products they are opting for.

“The heart pumps blood to parts of the body. It pumps about 2,000 gallons of blood to all parts of the body. The body has about 5.6 litres of blood,” he detailed.

According to him, if blood flow ceases, in the body, it is due to many reasons therefore Piwak ought to help the human race in fighting any health and blood flow challenge the human body is struggling with.

The human society must cultivate the habit of checking the details of any product before purchasing them because, through the checks, they can decide if the product is worth consumption.

Expired products are harmful to the human system hence, the lens of care must be employed when one ought to purchase any kind of product.

Cardiothoracic Centre of Korle-bu

The Cardiothoracic Centre of Korle-bu published that “Heart diseases, stroke leading to cause of death”

The Ag. Director of the National Cardiothoracic Centre (NCTC), Professor Mark Mawutor Tettey disclosed that the leading causes of death in Ghana now are heart disease and stroke.

Quoting a research conducted by a trainee of the centre, Mr. Tettey said high cholesterol (fat) in the blood, known as dyslipidemia, stood out as the worst cause of heart attacks.

Further, he mentioned some factors that lead to the massive cause of death in the country. The pervasive risk factors according to Professor Mark Mawutor Tettey are hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and smoking.

Prof, Tettey disclosed that worldwide, it was estimated that 18.6 million people died from heart diseases and stroke, which were also the leading causes of death in the world.

Emphasizing the need for people to take good care of their heart, the cardiologist mentioned that one must eat healthily, exercise, and avoid stress in order to reduce the risk of the two conditions.

Speaking on World Heart Day he said, September 29 each year is marked as the World Heart Day to spread awareness of heart diseases and stroke prevention.

Advising Prof. Tettey said “Before using your heart for others, one must know that you yourself are fit and stress-free enough. We can use our hearts for ourselves by taking good care of them.”

“Eating healthy, exercising daily, and kicking out the tensions and the stress of life are helpful for a healthy heart,” he added.

Throwing support to what the Cardiothoracic Centre of Korle-bu published, Dr. Prince Nelson-Mortoti, C.E.O of Piwak Natural Health – Producers of 3P Garlic Mixtures shed more light on the issues raised by the Cardiothoracic Centre of Korle-bu and the need to use 3P Garlic mixture.

Recommending 3P Garlic mixture, CEO Dr. Prince Nelson-Mortoti said the product cleanses the whole human and cures numbness, high cholesterol, and hypertension. He also said it helps sickle cell patients to strengthen their hormones.




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