Champions League Final To Be Played In Portugal

UEFA have been planning to move the Champions League final from Istanbul, Turkey, due to the global coronavirus pandemic.

According to ‘Bild’, the organisation has decided Lisbon should host the final Champions League games. They have been clearly chosen over Frankfurt, another of the possible alternative.

It will be on 17th June when UEFA will make official, the stadium that will host the final phases of the Champions League. It could well be played over one leg in the quarter finals.


The COVID-19 pandemic brought football to a halt. The Champions League was forced to be suspended when half of the last 16 second legs had been played.

Finally, according to the cited source, Lisbon will host the champions league final games. The Portuguese capital meets UEFA requirements.


The reasons are that no Portuguese clubs are left in the competition, the number of stadia available (Benfica and Sporting amongst others) as well as the fact that the rate of coronavirus in Portugal is less.

Frankfurt was the other big candidate, but the fact there is at least one German club still in the competition (Bayern Munich) means they feel they could have an advantage.

Despite that, the German Football Association will work hard to host the Europa League Finals

Moscow of Russia was ruled out due to the escalating number of COVID-19 cases while the Wanda’s bid was badly affected by the Bernabeu being unavailable due to construction work.


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