Coach Otto Addo praises Jordan Ayew: Outlines his defensive attributes

Jordan Ayew
Jordan Ayew

Ghana’s interim coach, Otto Addo has highlighted some key attributes that Jordan Ayew brings to the fore.

He has disclosed that, Jordan’s covering spaces is a plus to the team.

According to Coach Otto Addo, Jordan Ayew appreciates working extra hard that is tracking back to cover for his defenders although that is basically not a striker’s job and that alone is really of immense benefit to the team.


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Otto Addo also touched on his recovering. Jordan tries to run extra hard anytime he loses the ball so as to get it back. Whereas he could have decided to just stroll around and let the midfielders and defenders do that work.

The interim Coach continued to praise Jordan despite the comments of Ghanaians. He applaud his running for others defensively. He again laid emphasis on Jordan’s defensive capabilities. Jordan Ayew always make defensive runs to assist the whole team.

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Not letting anyone through; Otto further shower Jordan with praise words for his no “nonsense” approach of not letting opponents pass him by.

Holding the ball and not losing it; He further heaped praises on Jordan for his tenacity and composure on the ball and also further illustrated how difficult it is to knock Jordan off the ball due to his repoitore of immense skill set.

Considering work as a leader, he exemplified the leadership quality Jordan Ayew brings to the fore due to the fact that he has been playing in the team for a long time and how he has used that to control and truly act as  leader in the dressing room and on the pitch.

He further stressed how important that was for the team’s overall morale.



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