DEC Educational Consult outlines 13 innovative ways of teaching as a teacher

Teacher teaching in a classroom
Teacher teaching in a classroom

The DEC Educational Consult has outlined some thirteen (13) innovative ways of teaching as a teacher in the classroom.

DEC Educational Consult has carefully designed this article to help teachers vary their approach and orientation towards teaching.

Thirteen (13) innovative ways of teaching as a teacher in the classroom

1. Introduce your lessons with related stories, pictures, rhymes and poems.

2. Occasionally change the sitting arrangements of learners so as to foster internal socialisation.

NB: Most students have graduated without a rapport with their classmates.

3. Surprise your learners during instructional times. Make it difficult for them to predict your actions such as questioning time.

4. Vary your reward pattern: Continuous use of one form of reward defeats the purpose for which it was used.

5. Choose words that suits the level of your learners. Ensure that your grammar usage is an upgraded version of your learners usage.

6. Occasionally surprise your learners with resource persons.

7. Pay attention to your relationship with your colleague teachers, for the learners are watching.

8. Encourage peer tutoring and observational learning.

9. Eating in class should not be the order of the day. Anytime you do, practice table manners and etiquette.

10. Train your learners to be an extension or reflection of yourself. (Be the best role model).

11. Equip and practice differenciated learning to be able to diagnose learning needs of learners and provide lessons that suits them.

12. Entertain honest appraisal from your learners and work on yourself if the need be.

13. Encourage collaboration and project based learning.



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