Techiman Municipal GES reportedly demanding teachers E-payslip Passwords


Information picked by Coverghana suggest that, the Techiman Municipal Education Directorate of the Ghana Education Service (GES) has directed teachers to provide Staff ID Numbers, and E-payslip Passwords among others.

In a template allegedly designed by the Municipal Education Directorate, teachers were asked to fill a form demanding the following information;

1. Name of Teacher


2. Staff ID

3. Payslip Password

4. Contact Number

5. Remarks

According to the information, the Techiman Municipal Education Directorate is collating data of teachers within the Municipality for auditing purposes.

The Directorate’s demand for teachers secret/personal E-payslip passwords have generated suspicions among GES staff in the area and across the country as the issue surfaced in the media space.

It is unclear to teachers why GES Directorate will be demanding for such a confidential information from them.

The aggrieved teachers raised red flag as they suspect an act of alleged impersonation, fraud and illegalities in the Directorate should such documents be given to the GES office.

Some of the teachers said, they questioned their headteacher on the reasons for demanding E-Payslip Password from them and the reply was for auditing purposes.

This action, account to some teachers who spoke to said, the best means of auditing GES Staff is to use the Controller and Accountant-General’s Department Validation PV system. Head teachers are expected to use Validation PVs for auditing and not E-payslip and passwords.


Some teachers also alarmed that, the action of the Education Directorate is to put them on an “unapproved or by-force welfare” where monies will be deducted from the salaries unknowningly.

The Controller and Accountant-General’s Department has over the years cautioned Public Sector Workers against giving out their E-payslip, E-payslip passwords and other vital BioData information on the Validation PVs and E-payslip.

The Controller and Accountant-General’s Departments’ E-Payslip intelligent system is designed for all Public Sector Workers to have easy access to their payslip.

According to Controller and Accountant-General’s Departments’, they will not be liable for any financial loss resulting from disclosing employee details including password to Third Parties.

Teachers are therefore cautioned to desist from any action by any person directing them to disclose their E-payslip passwords.

A situation where you have mistakenly or ignorantly disclosed your passwords to Third Parties, the best thing to do now is to quickly change your password to avoid financial loss and future implications.

Below is the supposed form allegedly designed by the Techiman Municipal Education Directorate for data collation. 



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