Deception has always been a cardinal principle of NPP; 4 more to tax more, steal and destroy

Mr. Bagbin Mpondan
Mr. Bagbin Mpondan

The Deputy Youth Organizer of the Kintampo South Constituency Mr. Bagbin Mpondan says deception has always been a cardinal principle of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government.

According to him, the entire members of the New Patriotic Party were preaching four more for President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo in the December 2020 electioneering processes just for them to tax more, steal and destroy in the country.

He said, Ghana under President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s presidency has borrowed from the World Bank, IMF and exhausted the Gh¢2 billion oil reserves in just four years. According to Bagbin Mpondan, Ghana does not have the fiscal space to borrow again and the GDP to Debt ratio is likely to reach 80% by the end of 2021.


[Full Text]: Budget statement for the 2021 Financial Year [VIDEO]

In a statement, he said;

Ghanaians were disappointed today after the reading of what can best be described as the  “Sie Yen Preko” (Just Bury Us) budget of President Akuffo Addo and the NPP prepared by Dr Bawumia and presented on the floor of Parliament by Hon Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu.

Deception has always been a cardinal principle of the NPP government. This government doesn’t walk the talk. The truth is that we have borrowed from the World Bank, IMF and exhausted the Gh¢2 billion oil reserves. We do not have the fiscal space to borrow again and the GDP to Debt ratio is likely to reach 80% by the close of the year. There is absolutely no programme to get Ghana back on the path of Fiscal consolidation and as a result of that the Government has resorted to tax the already impoverished and poor Ghanaian the more through the following taxes.

2021 Budget: Akufo-Addo’s government introduces 6 new taxes and levies

a) Covid-19 Health Levy
b) Increase in Road Tolls
c) Pollution and Sanitation Levy(Borla tax)
d) 1% Increase in NHIL tax
e) 1% Increase in Vat flat rate
f) ESLA increase Additional burden to motorists and food prices
g) Financial Sector clean up Levy of 5%.

Fellow Ghanaians this is where Hypocrisy as citizens has taken us to. We have failed as a collective to warn the NPP government against excessive borrowing and mismanagement of the public purse. Today they are telling us that new taxes means that Systematic Domestic Revenue Measures. What is systematic about burdening the people with new taxes.


Ghana’s debt today stands at Gh¢296 billion from the Gh¢122 billion in 2016. This means that in four (4) years Akuffo Addo and the NPP Government alone have borrowed Ghc174 Billion which is more than the Debt of All governments since Independence yet nobody is talking. This was the same people who told us that borrowing is a lazy man’s approach to governance in 2016.

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Businesses are struggling to survive in this Covid-19 era meanwhile the Covid-19 stimulus package was shared among NPP faithfuls to their detriment. The budget clearly do not give any hope to Contractors, Teachers, Nurses, Doctors, Farmers, Market Women, Business people, Artisans and the general public but who do we blame it on. Like the popular saying goes WE TOLD YOU SO.

There is a looming danger at the power sector because the Independent Power Producers are threatening to switch off their Plants because the Government owes them yet the cowards, hypocrites and the so called neutrals are all mute. The Education Sector is worse because as we speak Teachers and Pupils at the Basic level have no text books for Teaching and Learning. Government is yet to supply textbooks to Basic Schools when the New Curriculum was roll out in 2019 yet the government keeps on taughting  Free SHS. How do you a the Foundation at the K.G, Primary and JHS which is very critical in the development of the child.

Austerity without IMF: The 2021 hardship budget approved — Prof. John Gatsi [Statement]

Like a friend said today…the Confidence Tricksters are outsmarting Ghanaians again with sugar coated words and big English but nothing to show. God save us. Shalom.



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