Deferred students qualify to contest for NUGS Position – NUGS Judicial Board

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The Chairperson for the Vetting Committee of the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS), Mr. Sammy Dakwa Binfoh has indicated that, students who have deferred their courses are qualified to contest for any NUGS position.

The Committee, in it’s report after vetting aspirants for the 2022 NUGS Election indicated that, the NUGS constitution makes no provision on an instance where an individual has a semester left to complete qualifies or otherwise.

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The Board, therefore under Article 3 of the Union’s Constitution has indicated that, any aspirant who has a semester left, whether deferred or not is deemed not to have completed that particular academic year and is deemed qualified to contest.

This was in response to an earlier request made through the secretary of the committee to the Judicial Board of the Union, requesting for interpretation on the following:

1. What constitutes an academic year?

2. Who qualify as a student in good standing under the NUGS CONSTITUTION?

3. Can an aspirant with a semester left (differed) be considered as a continuing student under the NUGS Constitution

NUGS is currently hosting it’s 56th Congress to elect the next leadership of the Union.



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