Didier Drogba lost Ivorian Football Federation Presidency race

Didier Drogba
Didier Drogba

Ivorian Football Federation Presidential race

Didier Drogba has lost Ivorian Football Federation Presidential race.

The sad and interesting news for the lovers of football is that, the Presidential elections have swayed the eyes of all high expectations.


The former Cóte d’ivoire national team captain and Chelsea FC former player Didier Drogba has lost to his counterparts throughout the three (3) leagues held today, 23rd April, 2022.

The outcomes are tallied respectively as the election presents. The former footballer Didier Drogba lost all the leagues in the election.

The Former Ivorian striker, Didier Drogba was among six candidates who presented their nomination papers to the normalisation committee put in place by FIFA and have been cleared to contest the presidential elections.

In the just ended presidential election held for the contestants of the Ivory Coast Football Federation, three (3) qualified persons contested.

These are Iddris Diallo, Diabetes Sory and Didier Drogba. The election was held in four (4) leagues.

Didier Drogba
Didier Drogba

Votes from all the leagues are tabled below.


Idriss Diallo 9×3= 27
Sory Diabetes 3×3= 9


Idriss Diallo 9×2=18
Sory Diabetes 11×2=22
Didier Drogba 4 x2= 8


Idriss Diallo 11×1= 11
Diabetes Sory 18×1= 18
Didier Drogba 9×1=9


Idriss Diallo 3×1=3
Sory Diabetes 1×1= 1
Didier Drogba 1×1=1

Sorry for the lost of Drogba.

SOURCE: Coverghan.com.gh


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