E-levy is the only way to save the economy from collapse, embrace it – Prof. Atuguba

Raymond Atuguba
Raymond Atuguba

A learned Ghanaian Professor, Raymons louded the introduction of the Electronic Transfer Levy (E-levy) Policy by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s government.

The Dean of the University of Ghana School of Law, has explained that, as wicked as it is, the Electronic Transfer Levy is the only way to save Ghana’s economy from collapse in the short term in the midst of challenges facing the country.

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Professor Raymond Atuguba used the opportunity to further called on Ghanaians to accept the E-levy despite the fact that it is not convenient.

He again described the controversial E-levy policy as “horrendous and wicked”, but said the government needed that revenue to sustain the economy and save it from being collapsed.

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Addressing a public lecture forum held by Solidare Ghana on Monday, 28th February, 2022, Professor Raymond Atuguba said “The first step is to pass the E-levy immediately and implement it effectively. To prevent the collapse of the economy and a return to the stronghold of the IMF, we have no choice but to pass it…. As horrible and wicked as it is, it is the only way to save our economy from collapse in the short term,”

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He further explained that, “The starting point for passing the E-levy is for government to stop lying to the citizenry, come clean and confess that they thought the job of managing the economy was simple, but now they know better, plead with the people of Ghana that we have limited options now,”

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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