Electoral analysis between NPP and NDC from 2000 – 2020

Electoral Commission (EC) officials arranging election materials

Electoral Commission (EC) officials arranging election materials

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Electoral analysis between NPP and NDC from 2000 – 2020

The electoral analysis between the top (2) leading political parties in Ghana within a space of two (2) decades has been compiled in this article to track the trend of the political journey for both the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) from 2000 – 2020.

Electoral Analysis between NPP and NDC from 2000 to 2020

2000 First Round (AFTER 8YRS OF NDC) With a New Candidate

NPP- 3,131,739
NDC- 2,895,575
DIFF – 236,164

2000 Second Round

NPP – 3,631,273
NDC – 2,750,124
DIFF – 881,139


NPP – 4,524,074
NDC – 3,850,368
DIFF – 673,706

2008 FIRST ROUND ( AFTER 8YRS OF NPP) with a new Candidate

NPP – 4,204,073
NDC – 4,070,889
DIFF – 133,184


NPP – 4,480,446
NDC – 4,521,032
DIFF – 40,586


NPP – 5,248,898
NDC – 5,574,761
DIFF – 325,863

Note: This was a disputed result.

2016 (AFTER 8YRS OF NDC) With the same candidate

NPP – 5755,758
NDC – 4,771,188
DIFF – 984,570

2020 Same candidates for both NPP& NDC

NPP – 6,692,630
NDC – 6,170,49
DIFF – 517,405

From the above results, the following deductions can be made.

1. The NPP has more support-based than the NDC in the country.

2. Any time the NPP wins elections, it wins with a wider margin even in 2008 after 8yrs of the first NPP governance and with a new candidate, the NPP won in the first round with a difference of 133,184 votes and the NDC used the majority seats it gained to campaign in the second round and even with same, it only managed to win with a vote difference of 40,586.

3. The NDC always manages to win with a small margin.

4. Going into the 2024 elections, the NPP only needs to work towards maintaining its core supporters and it can win the elections.

5. The NDC needs to overturn somewhat 517,405 votes and gain some additional votes before they can win the elections.

In conclusion, even with the current economic conditions, the NPP seems more in an advantageous position with little effort and strategies and a very charismatic and visible candidate who appeals to and is acceptable to people in all spheres of the country (And Dr. Bawumia stands tall) to win the elections but the NDC has a Herculean task especially when they have presented former president John Dramani Mahama whom Ghanaians have rejected twice.

However, history is not only about taking analysis of past events and making similarities hoping for the same “favourable” results.

Introducing a new candidate does not guarantee a win. Who is that new candidate? What was his approach when she /or he was in office?

The youth of today are more enlightened as compared to decades ago. They are capable of proving to the political heads that indeed we are fed up with the gimmicks and promises.

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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