Exposed: Preliminary findings about ‘One Teacher One Laptop’ revealed

Mate 1 TM1 laptops
Mate 1 TM1 laptops

There is a hulabollon hovering over the procurement and distribution of the New Patriotic Party government’s agenda “One Teacher One Laptop Initiative” for Ghanaian Teachers.

It appears that, as of now, many Ghanaian teachers are not satisfied on procedures and modalities, especially issues involving the cost and specifications of the Mate 1 TM1 laptops.

The cost of the laptops begin changing miraculously overtime, making the teachers not to trust any Communications from their Employer (Ghana Education Service) and Teacher Unions.


In the course of these conflicting cost of laptops from Teacher Unions, the Ministry of Education and Ghana Education Service, a renowned and emerging Teacher Union thus: Informed Teachers Network (ITN) has disclosed preliminary findings about the Mate 1 TM1 laptops.

The Chief Executive Officer of Informed Teachers Network (ITN) Mr. Jerry Akporhor together with his team have outlined detailed findings about the supplier, company, and the laptop.

They have, however disclosed certain hiding facts to the public in a latest statement.

Find below, the full findings about the Mate 1 TM1 laptops disclosed by ITN.

Name of company KA Technologies
TM Stands for Teachers Mate
KA Technologies website (Newly created)
Instagram account KA Technologies-gh (With first activity on 23rd July, 2021)
Facebook Account KA Technologies (With first activity on 2nd June, 2021)
Twitter Account KA Technologies (With first activity on 23rd July, 2021)
YouTube The name is for a French IT Company. The logo is the only difference
Year of TM1 Laptop Registration 2019
Client GES and MoE as their only customer



• GES to distribute laptops to SHS teachers under “One Teacher One Laptop” initiative

• “One Teacher One Laptop”: Gov’t hands over 350,000 laptops to GES, MoE for distribution

Note that;

1. On their website, at the customers page, their only client is the Ghana Education Service (GES) and Ministry of Education (MOE)

2 All the social media handles have the fingerprint of one Nana Kwabena Kwarteng from Secondi.

3. tje company also seems to have a link with enigma IT Group.

4. Possible location, Spintex/ Secondi


These are just findings in attempts to answer the following questions;

1. When was the company formed and registered?

2. Who are the faces behind?

3. Who are the owners

4. How was the contract awarded?

5. Was there any sole sourcing of competitive tendering?

6. What is the track record of the company?

7. Who have they supplied their products to before?

8. Was the company formed purposely to be awarded this contract?

9. What is the actual price of the Laptops?

10. Does this initiative have the teachers and students in mind or the gain in mind?

According to teachers, there seem to be something fishy clouding the intent and purpose of this much talk about intervention.

They said, it appears the ulterior motive of those behind this contract seem to have gained more momentum than what teachers are being told.

The teachers further said, as it stands now, both GES and the Teacher Unions keep changing figures regarding cost. This raises eyebrows.

“Inasmuch as we agree that, the laptops will help in teaching and learning, we also think that it is not proper for anybody to shortchange teachers in the name of 1 teacher 1 laptop.” They said.



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