Fallout of NPP Primaries; The Law of Karma at work? – Maxwell Lukutor writes 

It is said that if your mother is dead but you tell people she is sleeping, the day of reckoning will come when her remains begins to smell. Better still a singer puts it thus; “ye ka wontie, dabi dabi na wobe hu…..” you can chew cola and bite anything else and go free but when you chew a handful of pepper, it’s your nose that will flow like Wli falls .

At the inception of Covid-19, all kinds of instructions and protocols were outlined by government officials led by the President. They will always claim they are being guided by science and data.

They never gave the opportunity to the scientists to sing their songs. They cried more than the bereaved and there were concerns from people that data was being cooked and that all was not well. People were being chased and intimidated in the name of rumor mongering and creating fear and panic.


Some pastors and church leaders were jailed in the name of the law for disobeying the President’s order and directives but now Ministers are only asked to resign after spreading the virus knowingly in town and they themselves are compulsorily isolating.

The Health Minister who at a point got furious and virtually castigated all Ghanaians for not obeying his directives forgot that he was not a superman and couldn’t remember that when you point one finger at others, at least three will be pointing back at you. It took the President to announce his status whilst admitted in a hospital he was not interested in opening . Now the Minister is announcing that of the President. I dare call it a sweet revenge 😷.

Against all odds, the NPP and the President did everything to make figures look good in order to lift the ban on social gatherings to allow for their primaries and acclamation 😎.

The elders say “if you bend to look into the anus of another person you inevitably make it easier for others to have a free unimpeded view of yours. The primaries came and went and it was just a matter of two weeks of the gestation period. Here we are faced with the consequences of the few self seekers who think just about politics and elections.

We hear of so many ICU admissions and painful exits and resignations (sacking) of recalcitrant Ministers of state and the oga oldman himself. I hope they are learning their lessons the hard way.

It is not surprising that the testing centres are complaining of lack of reagents and the GMA also complaining about lack of PPEs. I am a living witness to this lack in a very huge health facility where there is no detergent (for hand washing) and sanitizers at the entrance and not even hand gloves for the Frontline workers. We are getting overwhelmed by this disease yet our leaders are living callously and all of us are following sheepishly. I pray we are not led to the gallows by careless leaders of our time.


The Electoral Commissioner (who I believe has been brought in clandestinely only to perform a task of retaining the President at post) is another adamant personality who is throwing caution to the winds and damming all consequences of her actions and putting the life of all Ghanaians at risk.
I was at some registration centers and the scenes that I beheld were not good enough to give me hope that two weeks from now we won’t have a health crisis at hand.

The EC has been cautioned by many well meaning Ghanaians and some even went to the courts. True to what some people expected a legal verdict but not a health clearance certificate was given by legal luminaries at the Supreme Court to the Commission to perform its mandate. Mandate indeed !!!🙄

Strangely another issue of concern is the amassing of Security Personnel at the Volta and Oti borders. During the lock down period of the covid-19 pandemic, security personnel were never deployed to borders to keep the importation of the virus but the Minister of Defense only awoke to his senses when international restrictions are being relaxed and borders are being opened. These latter day saints of Ministers think that old age is just about grey hair and not wisdom nor experience. They say anything and everything to everyone including our revered chiefs without any iota of respect and lying through their teeth without shame. They should remember that the full length of a toad is seen only when it is laid in state.

The NDC and other well meaning civil societies have sung choruses of don’t compile a new register at this point in time of an epidemic you are putting the life of everyone at risk but the audience who should hear the song have interestingly hired plumbers to push cotton wool into their ears to create a dam outside their ears to generate electricity.

The irony is that everyone in Government including the people of the Elephant family think that they are “doing someone” in local parlance.

For those who are exercising their civil rights by blazing the storm to get themselves registered I admonish you to take extraordinary caution and observe all protocols carefully and be safe. The time will surely come for you to speak the language the politicians fear most. “Nya le dɔme na mumu gake nu mele esi woagblɔe o” to wit the deaf has so much to say but has no voice to speak ”

If the EC will listen, I will strongly advice they abort this registration exercise not because of weakness or lack of locus but for the respect for human life and human dignity. You are putting everyone at risk and a stitch in time they say saves nine.

Maxwell Lukutor
Sogakope – South Tongu


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