Why cry when a politician dies? The silent Soldier

I asked myself a simple question, why do people cry when politicians die?

Many frontline health professionals in aaàaGhana; doctors, nurses and other paramedical staff, are on a daily basis exposed to Covid-19 in the line of duty and some have even succumbed and died as a result of Covid-19 because of lack of basic protective wear (i.e. PPEs or Personal Protective Equipment) that our Government has either failed or refused to provide, and even when they are provided are often undersupplied, thus forcing the reuse of otherwise single use disposal items.

There are many men and women in uniform such as in the Police Service and other Security Services personnel who have also contracted Covid-19 in the line of duty because our Government has failed to protect them by providing them with PPEs.

I am shocked at how many people after the breaking news of the passing of Sir John spontaneously publicly eulogised him (Sir John) with many visibly distraught persons expressing shock and disbelief that Covid-19 was responsible for his death, yet many health professionals who are in the frontline giving all to save fellow Ghanaians, also contracting Covid-19 on a daily basis, and many are also dying from the disease.


Without being disrespectful to anyone, I am of the considered opinion that Ghana at this moment that Covid-19 is spreading like a ravaging wild bushfire across the entire population, our Government must prioritise and ensure steady supplies of needed PPEs, and also honour the promised incentives to frontline health personnel, rather than utilise the limited available resources to cater for the lavish freebies given to many underserving politicians, because the entire population and country is at risk to Covid-19 and we can ill-afford losing our frontline health personnel at this critical time.

I wish my profession would allow me to speak publicly, I would have spoken in plain language to our doctors, nurses, pharmacists, cleaners and orderlies at our hospitals, and even to our teachers many of whom have been forced to go back to school, and to members of our Security Services, and all front liners in the fight against Covid-19, that they should wise-up, stay safe and wisely use their “krokromoti power” to make a wise sensible choice come 7th December 2020 to choose a leader who is sensitive to their plight and welfare, and who cares about the welfare of the entire general population.

Fellow Ghanaians, on December 7, 2020 please remember that:


There was a President who during his brief 4 years tenure of office, had one year of his four year tenure spent and wasted at the Supreme Court at a needless Election Petition, but still found time to build hospitals with our taxes and even built one for the military in Kumasi but was nonetheless demonised and insulted for “wasting tax payer’s money” on infrastructure projects across the length and breadth of the country.

Another President who claimed to be more competent came to power and refused to open for public use the already completed hospitals that were built by his predecessor because he was accustomed to not acknowledging the contributions and efforts of others towards nation building and rather preferred to tout his sterling infrastructure achievements as the building and commissioning of public toilets.

The irony is that the hospitals that were built by his predecessor which this President shamefully publicly stated to only exist as “phantom Photoshop” hospitals and projects in a certain “Green Book” is now taking centre stage in the care and treatment for Covid-19 medicare for his political party’s politicians and their families while ordinary cleaners at the very same hospitals who may have contracted the virus during the line of duty are compelled to receive treatment in dilapidated heath facilities elsewhere.

As a soldier, I have witnessed enough to determine and choose a president who has vision, a president who thinks about the welfare of the people, a president who has his country at heart and a president who knows his job.

I therefore pray that John Dramani Mahama gets another opportunity to liberate Ghana from the hellish conditions that has befallen the country.

This NPP Government should know that we in the Regular Armed Forces have already made up our minds on the decision on who becomes President in December 2020. We will therefore not allow the NPP Invisible Forces and their ilk who have been illegally inserted and infiltrated the regular security services and who may be deployed to intimidate the public as happened during the Ayawaso West Wugon by-election, to prevent any voter trying to exercise their right of liberating this country on 7th December 2020.

People of Ghana must know that, another four years under this super incompetent NPP Government could turn Ghana upside down.

I am Still a Citizen Not a Spectator.

The Silent Soldier


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