Fixing the country never ends due to changes and developments – Stonebwoy

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Ghanaian Raggae and Dancehall Star Stonebwoy has once again contributed to the fix the country campaign.

The Youth of Ghana are currently campaigning and demanding for somethings to be fixed in the country ranging from Roads, portable water, high taxes among others.

Contributing to the debate once again, Stonebwoy said that fixing a country never ends. According to him, fixing the country is a process and never ends because of the changes and developments.

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Stonebwoy made these comments in an answer to a Tweep who asked him how the music industry can be fixed if the country is not fixed.

The tweep saidPlease senior if the country is not fix then how can they fix the industry. Everything in this country is bad. Support the #FixTheCountry

In his response, Stonebwoy said “Good, in my opinion fixing never ends due to changes and developments and Where do I best fit to add my voice and widows might than the Creative arts sector which is struggling so much.


When you add the fixings from these various vital sectors then Fixing The Country all be that.”

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