Documentary: Parts of Sogakope in darkness for weeks; Residents call on ECG to fix their light


The residents of Agorkpo and Agorkpoenu, suburbs of Sogakope in the South Tongu District of the Volta Region are calling on the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) to immediately fix their light.

This call came as a result of a faulty transformer situated in Agorkpoenu about 2km to 3km from the Sogakope roundabout which serves the Agorkpo and Agorkpoenu Communities broke down, leaving the areas in total darkness for about two weeks and still counting.

According to the residents, all efforts to get the transformer fix for constant flow of electricity has proven fatal.


Akuse Government Hospital honours Okudzeto Ablakwa for his generosity upon hearing the information visited the area to ascertain the impact of the development on the residents.

The affected residents expressed their frustration on how the situation is affecting their businesses and continue to threaten their security in the area.

According to a hair dresser (beautician), her business has paralyzed due to the incident. Patronage has gone down and a saloon that used to attend to about ten (10) clients in a day is currently recording zero attendance because of the problem.

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In another instance, a beautician said, her saloon business is down, because she hadly gets customers since the light cuts off. She noted that, on a normal day, she attends to about six (6) or eight (8) clients but due to the light out, clients can’t access their desired services and so they don’t come around. “Today, it is almost 6pm and we are now attending to the first client.” A hair  dresser in the area narrated her ordeal to

Some cold store operators in the area are largely affected to the point that, some moved their cold store businesses to the neighboring Districts and localities to avoid more damages.

In narrating the situation to news team, Mama Rose said, her stocks got damaged due to the power outage in the area. According to her, she no longer operate the business in sogakope. “I had to quickly move the content of my freezers (meats, fishes etc) to my annex shop at Avedo in the Central Tongu District to avoid damages” She said.

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Speaking to, one resident said, “I’m an old woman and I use my refrigerator to make ice block which I sell in the neighborhood and the proceeds enable me to pay my bills. However, this light out has brought this to an abrupt end. Food stuffs in the the fridge also got rotten. My expensive tilapia including my stew and everything got spoilt. Now, where would my children get money for me again within this short period? I want our leaders to fix the light for us quickly because we are suffering” She narrated.


At the God’s Grace Tailoring Shop, the situation was not different. The manager indicated that business has apparently come to a standstill. The Motor, Electric iron and Holes machine were lying idle due to lack of electricity to power them and as a result, reducing work output of about 3 pair of trousers a day to just a hard to finish one pair of trouser.

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Another resident who spoke to us off camera expressed fear over their security and also hinted of possible demonstration in the coming days if the problem persists.

“Few days ago, unknown thieves have stole someone at the other parts of the sogakope community and they went escaping through Gbenorkope before they were intercepted as a result of an accident. Imagine what would have happened if these thieves had known that there is no light in this area and decided to exit through this side.” He alarmed.

He further added that, if there were some big men residing within the affected communities, the problem would have been fixed by now. But, because they are ordinary citizens, no one seems to come to their aid.  He disclosed that, the residents, shall in no time hit the street to demand solution for the situation.

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Also, during our visit, some residents alleged that the Management of Electricity Company of Ghana in the District has selectively sorted out their staff living in the affected neighborhood onto a different transformer where they are enjoying constant flow of electricity leaving behind the less privilege residents.

A typical example is the founder and head pastor of the Watered Home Chapel and a staff of ECG, Emmanuel Agbekotse who is said to have moved from the faulty transformer to a different line that is working in expense of other.

They explained further that when the incident occurred initially, everybody including their neighbors working at ECG we affected but few days into the darkness, these ECG staff got their lights restored mysteriously leaving the rest of the community folks at the heart of the darkness.

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This, they said did not only get them angry but also gave them the impression that the ECG in the District has no mind of solving the problem hence the selective approach.

However, speaking to the Assemblyman of the area Mr. Mac-Perter Dumatonu, he said, his outfit has engaged the management of ECG at the District and Regional level to immediately address the issue. According to him, the problem will be fixed sooner than later. He therefore called the the affected residents to exercise restrain while leadership continues to engage ECG to restore power in the area.





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