VIDEO: I’m the Chief of Sogakope, the Stool is mine; Nobody can take it from me – Togbe Sogah ll

Divisional Chief/Dufia of Sogakope Togbe Atsuga Sogah ll
Divisional Chief/Dufia of Sogakope Togbe Atsuga Sogah ll

The Divisional Chief/Dufia of Sogakope Togbe Atsuga Sogah ll says he is the substantive Chief of Sogakope, the District Capital of the South Tongu District Assembly in the Volta Region.

According to the young, brave and vocal Chief, the Sogah Stool is for him and nobody can take it from him because, he didn’t write an application to be made a chief but, he was rather made an ordained Chief by the rightful elders of the Stool.

Speaking at a ceremony organized to officially outdoor the 2020 National Peotry Award winner Togbe Olokodzoko and the National President of the National Union of Tongu Students and Associates (NUTSA) Wisdom Sogah, the Chief said, some self seeking individuals are plotting all manner of agenda against his paramountcy, legitimacy and supremacy by using some fake bloggers and social media to discredit him.


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“Another sad development I want to address is the phenomenon of false publication about my status. This is the agenda set by crooked elements and it’s being executed by some jobless, liars and hungry people calling themselves bloggers.” He explained.

He noted that, some group of people are spreading his name that, Volta Regional House Chiefs and the National House of Chiefs suspended, opposed and rejected or didn’t accept his status as the Dufia of Sogakope. He believes that, all these are fake news and blatant lies. “I am the Dufia of Sogakope as you are seeing today and I alone remain the Chief of Sogakope until when the ancestors would call me. The Stool is mine and nobody can take this Stool from me because, I didn’t write application to be made a chief rather, I was chosen by the elders.” He unequivocally said.

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Speaking further, Togbe Atsuga Sogah ll used the occasion to urged  all and sundry to disregard those fake publications about him. He has therefore slams the agenda plotters by saying, they are chronic liars with track record is spreading falsehood. According to him, the people have done these to many people in the past so he only laugh anytime he sees their publications in the media.

“I’m calling all well-meaning citizens who believe in the forward-match of Sogakope, Fieve Traditional Area, Volta region, Ghana and Africa not to follow these unrepentant liars. Let us join hands and push our society forward.” He urged.


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“As a young man who ascended this throne, it’s my duty to support all youths especially those with talent, skills and the right mindset who are capable of embarking on viable enterprises. By this act, I believe they can at a point, recruit other young men and women into these viable ventures so that, at long run, we will together develop the Eweland, Ghana, and the African Continent at large.”

“There is a saying that, a community that loses its culture has no identity because it is your culture that identifies you. As Africans today, we are fast losing our culture whiles adopting foreign cultures and I don’t even know where we are heading with these Western cultures.”

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“I want to use this opportunity to talk about the growing canker of gross disrespect among the youth for authorities. Nowadays, the youth are insulting their parents, elders, Chiefs and leaders at all levels. As the Dufia of Sogakope, and a young man, I want to appeal to my brothers and sisters to honour the elderly. Today, premature death has become the order of the day and in recent times all I see on walls are “what a shock”,  “Painful Exit” etc. It hurts when I see these things. I want my youth to live long as the Bible admonished you young men to respect your father and your mother so you can live long on earth.” He said.

According to the Chief, this tells the importance of respect in the life of the youth. Disrespect can’t be considered as civilization as some young ones are portraying. “I’m urging you all to uphold this biblical admonishment in their society.”

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In attendance were some key personalities including Togbe Olokodzoko the winner of the 2020 Poetry award, Wisdom Sogah the National President of NUTSA, Togbe Sakpiti III Chief of Fievie Galekope, Mama Ku Agbi III Queen Mother of Agorkpo, Mama Tsorfor Queen Mother of Adidokpoe, the Media, Traditional drummers from Aflao, Asafo Companies among many.



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